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Missouri has signed 21 freshmen since 2009. 19 either left early or never made it.

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Hoops, we did it again

♫I played with your heart, got lost in the game ♪

Not going to spend a ton of time on this news here because you simply must read Sam's article explaining everything.

Isabell, Wright latest to leave Mizzou | Dave Matter

Wright, Isabell transferring from Missouri - Steve Walentik

If it seems like we've been talking about player turnover forever, it's because we have.

Just for clarity's sake, here's every high school or prep school recruit to either fail to qualify or leave early, starting with the 2009 signing class:

  • 2009: Mike Dixon, Tyler Stone, John Underwood, Keith Dewitt
  • 2010: Kadeem Green, Ricky Kreklow, Tony Mitchell, Phil Pressey
  • 2011: none
  • 2012: Domonique Bull, Stefan Jankovic, Negus Webster-Chan
  • 2013: Torren Jones, Shane Rector, Johnathan Williams III, Wes Clark
  • 2014: Montaque Gill-Caeser, D'Angelo Allen, Namon Wright, Tramaine Isabell

Missouri has signed 21 high school/prep recruits, and 19 either left early or didn't make it. Two stayed (Ryan Rosburg, Jakeenan Gant), and one of those two could also leave at some point.

At least we have Women's hoops.

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Tremendous home opener!  #15 @MizzouSoftball Set For Wednesday Home Opener

The Tigers and Leathernecks will play game one at 4 p.m. (CT) inside University Field. First pitch for game two is tentatively set for 6 p.m. (CT).

Western Illinois Columbia, Mo. Wednesday, March 16 // 4 pm (CT) Stats Watch
Western Illinois Columbia, Mo. Wednesday, March 16 // 6 pm (CT) Stats Watch

#OwMoment @MizzouBaseball Falls to Southeast Missouri, 7-2

Mizzou falls to in-state rival Southeast Missouri State - ESPN Video

Not Aldon yet?

Aldon Smith eligible to sign while suspended - Niners Nation

He played nine games before being suspended in mid-November for a full year due to violations of the NFL's substance abuse policy.

You're my boy, Blue!

Hi, D-Sing! The Final Timeout: There Are No More Mid-Majors

No, seriously. The term "mid major", long a phrase devoid of any actual meaning, now can be retired. You’re either from a single bid league or from a major conference—with very limited exceptions.