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Gary Pinkel is dancing at Paul McCartney shows and living the retirement life

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant The retirement life

This link is a couple of days old, but I wanted to save it for when the B&G Game links dried up. It's a great read.

KC Star: Former MU football coach Gary Pinkel settles into retirement

The first few months of marriage were eye-opening for Missy Pinkel.

Her new husband was up every two hours, waking her as he obsessed about football-related minutiae. That didn’t stop immediately after Gary Pinkel retired.

"I’ve been changing pillows, thinking maybe it was the pillows," Missy said. "Now that he doesn’t have to think about all the ifs and buts and whats, he should be getting rest. I bought probably six pillows in the last two months, thinking that would help him get rest. We’ve determined the best pillow for him is extra firm and, boy, isn’t that a shock."

Gary Pinkel's out here getting facials and singing along at Paul McCartney shows. Retirement looks good on some people.

8 points shy of the school record

If only he had a few more PATs to kick last year...

KC Star: Mizzou’s Andrew Baggett knows how to handle adversity

Ryan Walters will probably be a solo defensive coordinator somewhere soon

The Trib: Walters' star is rising as he prepares for his second season at MU

"You can tell he has a lot of input on the entire program at the age of 30," said tight ends coach Joe Jon Finley, who was a graduate assistant with Walters at Oklahoma in 2012.

Walters tries to make his youth an asset.

Finley called Walters "probably the best recruiter in America." Walters said he relates easily to the athletes he’s recruiting, in part because he’s closer in age to the prospects than most other coaches who come calling.

Walters’ musical interests probably aren’t all that different than many of his players. He likes hip hop artists Drake, Travis Scott and Future.

More on Rocel McWilliams' departure

The Trib (Blake Toppmeyer): DL Rocel McWilliams to transfer

PowerMizzou: McWilliams' departure and what it means

Mizzou Tigers pennant Money: good

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou finances still rank near bottom of SEC

Mizzou Tigers pennant ROARS @MizzouAthletics' Female & Male Athletes of the Year Named at ROARS

Mizzou Tigers pennant A timely sweep #19 @MizzouSoftball Tallies Convincing Doubleheader Sweep at Iowa

Mizzou Tigers pennant If you're so inclined...

In yesterday's Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, I talked about a) how you should never take anything away from spring football and b) what I took away from Mizzou spring football. And then Godfrey and I bickered about Bobby Petrino.