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NFL Draft Profile: Evan Boehm

Will Mizzou's record holder for consecutive starts keep the streak alive in the NFL?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Next to Kentrell Brothers, Evan Boehm is probably the Tiger that I will miss the most the season. Not only was he an incredible player, but he was an absolute joy to watch on and off the field. In my heart, he would be a first-round pick every time. The NFL hates fun things though, so Evan may not hear his name called until the middle rounds.


Your top three buzzwords to look out for (DO NOT take a drink every time you hear them in reference to Boehm. Please. You will require medical attention afterwards):

  • Leadership
  • Toughness
  • Intelligence

He may not be the strongest or the quickest prospect, but what Boehm lacks in measurables he makes up for in intangibles. You don't set the school record for consecutive starts without being a bit of an iron man, and Boehm is exactly that. He played through multiple injuries and was still able to anchor the offensive line without letting his production slip. He's quick on his feet, which allows him to recover from a defender's quick first step and still make a seal. Plus, he posts vines of himself dancing to Christmas music while prepping for games. What more could you want?



Boehm's biggest strength is his brain. He's incredibly savvy and has shown a lot of poise as a leader. That's what you want out of your center: someone who can coordinate the entire line and then get their own job done post-snap. That high IQ also translates to solid production in the second level. He says busy. On plays where he doesn't have a lineman to block, you can consistently find him locking up a linebacker.

Off the field, Boehm can be a real asset to a locker room. He's funny and amicable; his teammates will love him. Teams drafting in the third, fourth, or fifth round can get some real value with Evan.


Boehm lacks the size that most teams require in a center. His arms are a tad short, and his legs a tad squatty. That lack of length translates to a lack of athleticism at times. He does have quick feet, but that doesn't necessary equal a high level of lateral mobility. He's solid when staying in a small area, but when tasked with expanding he tends to get into trouble.


He comes with his limitations, but Boehm will still be a solid addition to whichever organization calls his name. Decision-makers are aware of this. With his mind and his solid build, I think a team will pull the trigger a bit sooner than most think. Give me round four for Evan. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Draft.