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Terez Hall is pushing Donavin Newsom for a starting role in Missouri's linebacking corps

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Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Missouri's safeties coach and his former safeties coach.


Developments at linebacker?

The Trib (David Morrison): MU Notes: The "Satellite (Camps) of Love" edition

[Terez] Hall said he's been earning most of the first-team reps at strongside linebacker over incumbent starter Donavin Newsom. But the competition is far from over: "I know what I’m doing. I know the playbook and everything. I feel like I can say I bring more of a physical standpoint to it. I play real aggressive. I go and hit people hard and everything like that. I feel like they like that a whole lot."

Hall said he and Newsom are still friendly off the field, and he uses the senior as a resource to build off what he learned playing almost exclusively special teams as a true freshman last year: "He tells me different fits and everything. How to play it. Like, ‘if you see this, you do that.’ He just tells me little small things and everything like that. I watch him and learn from him. I see how he plays and I’m like, ‘OK, he’s going to play like that, then I’m going to play it the same way.’ The fact is I just gain off him. He tells me different things, but it’s more how I observe it."

Hall beating out Newsom would be a) a pretty big upset and b) a pretty thrilling development since we know that Newsom's pretty good.

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou needs group effort to replace Brothers

"I think (Brothers) was the leading tackler in the free world last year, so obviously when you have a guy like that leave it leaves a huge void," added head coach Barry Odom, Brothers’ position coach last season when he doubled as MU’s coordinator. "We’ve got a number of guys that have stepped in and (are) training at that spot. There are guys with game experience that will help us right away and guys that haven’t played a snap and have done a good job, too. I never want to put it on one player."

Nate Crawford's out again

Post-Dispatch: Here's what we know as secretive spring workouts resume at Mizzou

The Tigers return just two O-linemen with Division I starting experience: guard Nate Crawford and center Alec Abeln. And Crawford missed a bunch of practices with a lower back injury. Redshirt sophomores Kevin Pendleton and Paul Adams worked with the first unit at right guard and right tackle, respectively. Redshirt freshman Tanner Owen and junior college import Tyler Howell split reps at left tackle. Beyond those six, the team has just four scholarship linemen: redshirt sophomore center Samson Bailey, redshirt freshman guard A.J. Harris and redshirt freshman guard Tyrell Jacobs, who began the spring as a defensive lineman.

Post-Dispatch: MU's Harris, Crawford undergo surgery, done for spring

There’s no update on the status of junior offensive tackle Clay Rhodes, who continues to miss practices while dealing with what Odom has called "a personal, family issue."

"I want him to be happy and I want him to be part of the program if we can do it," he said. "He’s got our full support."

Marvin Zanders is taking hits

KC Star: 'Live bullets’ for Missouri QB

Sophomore Marvin Zanders took the field Tuesday at Memorial Stadium, where spring practice resumed after a spring-break hiatus, dressed in orange.

Fortunately, Zanders isn’t hurt. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

"He’s taking some contact," first-year Tigers coach Barry Odom said.

Zanders’ athleticism, and the elusiveness it breeds, prompted Mizzou’s staff to take the shackles off the defense a bit and see how he responds to "live bullets."

"We want a more realistic look for him," Odom said.

PowerMizzou: Spring football update: 4/5

"Marvin, I think, you look always at how to utilize each guy's skillset the best," Odom said. "For Marvin, playing the quarterback position, there's times where he's able to get out of trouble and run a little bit, out on the perimeter. Defensively, for us, we've got to do a great job if you have an athletic quarterback that is like Marvin, that you're in position. A one-hand tag isn't necessarily a tackle."

So it works both ways. Zanders can better show his entire skill-set, and the defense can also prepare for mobile quarterbacks.

Satellite camps

The Missourian: Kentrell Brothers, orange jerseys and satellite camps: a Missouri football notebook

Currently, the SEC forbids its member institutions from participating in satellite camps. But that could soon change.

The SEC's proposal to ban the camps will be voted on at this week's Division I council meetings in Indianapolis. If the vote denies the conference's proposal, the SEC ban on satellite camps will be lifted on May 29.

Odom and his staff have been planning for months and are optimistic about the potential lift. Odom said he'd like to participate in satellite camps in St. Louis, Kansas City, Texas and the Gulf Coast region.

Programming note:

The Trib: Spike Lee's MU doc premieres at Missouri Theatre on Wednesday

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Winner of this year's Rock M bracket contest. I'm personally pretty happy with my 21st-place finish considering my champion (Michigan State) died in the first round.