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Opponent headlines: Mizzou foes bolstering quarterback ranks

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Taking a look around college football with a focus on future Missouri opponents

In the video from the SEC Network (embedded above) Barry Odom says of Drew Lock "he's tremendously talented" and praised his leadership skills while mentioning Lock has gained 10-12 pounds. He goes on to say that one of the "tentpoles" of this year's team will be the eight starters who are back on defense and then says he's "excited about some of the playmakers we have at the wide receiver spot" while acknowledging they "aren't proven yet, low on experience, but that's where the coaching comes in."

Remember that time Florida beat Mizzou with a soon-to-be ineligible QB? Remember how there were rumors Florida knew he would be ineligible before the game but used him anyway? Well he's back, this time for a different Mizzou opponent.

Former Florida Quarterback Will Grier Transferring To West Virginia - The Smoking Musket

Whether Grier will take over under center starting in week one of the 2017 season is still up in the air as Grier was suspended by the NCAA for a calendar year for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. That is surely going to continue to be protested by the West Virginia program.

Even if Grier isn't eligible to play, his experience with Mizzou's defensive players could be cause for concern. I wouldn't put it past Dana Holgorson to bring in a QB just to get the upper hand against an elite defense like Missouri's.

Yes, DeMontie Cross and Ryan Walters are changing up the scheme significantly, but aside from the loss of Kentrell Brothers, the majority of the returning defenders are the same. Those players have tendencies and the Mountaineers will have all summer to review film with someone who's seen those players up close. The game in Morgantown was already going to be difficult because the Tiger's offensive problems, but the field may have just been leveled for the defense.

For the first time since the 1978 Liberty Bowl win, Mizzou will face LSU. In Baton Rouge. On Homecoming. That's the ultimate sort of disrespect. Billy Gomila, from our sister blog, And The Valley Shook, has been killing it with football coverage.

A great linebacker with not great sideline-to-sideline range and who struggles vs seam routes? That doesn't sound familiar at all.

LSU Spring Football 5 Things: Linebackers - And The Valley Shook

Beckwith didn't quite make the jump to stardom last season. He's not quite the sideline-to-sideline runner that we thought he might be, and struggled getting down the seam in coverage as well. The new 3-4 scheme might fit him better, actually, as he can work more inside against the run and shoot gaps as a blitzer. The Mack will occasionally roll down over the center to create a "bear" front in some nickel/dime situations. LSU experimented with more of a pass-rush role with Beckwith in the bowl game against Texas Tech, rolling him down into an edge linebacker position in dime sets.

The "narrative" on LSU has been fantastic talent but predictable offensive identity and an inability to develop quarterbacks.

On LSU's offense and The Narrative - And The Valley Shook

LSU's dominant set in 2015 was the "11" grouping -- one back, three wide receivers. The Tigers lined up in that grouping, through various specific formations and alignments, on approximately 46 percent of their plays, and it was the lead set in 10 of the 12 games.

The I-formation, meanwhile, represented just 28 percent of the plays via the 21 grouping, while 13 percent were run in the 22 set. Combined, LSU used the I-formation on 42 percent of its plays, compared to 53 percent in a one-back and/or three-wide grouping.

Brandon Harris, Young QBs and the SEC - And The Valley Shook

It won't surprise you to see Harris' numbers behind players like Murray, Manziel and Mallett. What may surprise you is that his true sophomore seasons ranks amongst the best in underclassmen QB seasons in the past eight seasons. Harris is basically at the same position Dak Prescott was in as a RS sophomore, and I think we can all agree that turned out alright?

Don't look now but South Carolina suddenly has a promising QB for the 2016 season. Missouri handled the last freshman QB the Gamecocks trotted out, we'll see if they can do it again.

QB Jake Bentley to enroll at South Carolina early, will be on Gamecocks' 2016 roster - Garnet And Black Attack

That's certainly a bombshell. The buzz around Bentley has been great, with many saying that he will be an impact player in college and is a QB that possesses the "it factor" few players possess. Now, we'll get a chance to see what he can do in just a few months.

Football's Nature Makes Underdog Strategy Difficult - Team Speed Kills