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Mizzou Softball blows lead, bows out of SEC Tournament. This hasn't been the best week.

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Here are today's Mizzou Links

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

La la la, just your normal, run-of-the-mill shutout win over a lower-seeded tea--oh. Oh no. #15 @MizzouSoftball Falls in Extras in SEC Tournament Opener

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou softball collapses in SEC tourney opener

KC Star: Mizzou softball’s tumultuous week continues with extra-inning loss

Without the events of the last week, we could just say that Mizzou took its eye off the ball or shifted down into third gear as a sort of energy conservation thing -- now that they had all but beaten South Carolina, it was time to focus on the next game -- and got bitten. But with the events of the last week, we'll turn this into more of a "mental exhaustion"/"their minds are elsewhere" thing, and ... for all we know, that might be dead on. Regardless, Mizzou had a chance to generate some positivity yesterday, almost did, and then very much did not. Good times.

If there's a silver lining here, I guess it's this: This team now gets another day or two of mental recuperation before next week's NCAA Regionals. That might not be the worst thing in the world.

Columns for the Columns

Post-Dispatch (Ben Frederickson): Mizzou athletes look shortsighted in wake of protests

PowerMizzou (Gabe Dearmond): Power struggle

A positive, softball-related piece!

The Missourian: A fighting spirit: Missouri softball's bat girl invigorates, inspires team

Mizzou Tigers pennant Actually, let's talk about anything else besides the softball thing at the moment

The Trib: MU to pay North Texas $1.3 million for 2021 game

That wasn't really what I had in mind @MizzouWBB to Participate in Preseason WNIT

That's fine @MIZ_TrackField Ready for SEC Championships in Tuscaloosa

Sure, that too, but can we just change the subject from Mizzou altogether?

SB Nation: How and why the Australian pipeline to American football works

Ahh, that's better

SB Nation: Memphis-based FedEx wants to sponsor a Big 12 Championship ... if the conference adds the Tigers

Sure, yeah! The FedEx Big 12 has a nice ring to it!

Perfect! Those guys are awesome

Mizzou Tigers pennant There's also this:

SB Nation: Max Scherzer ties MLB record with 20 strikeouts against Tigers