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Former KSU president says former Texas president hurt Nebraska, nearly sent Mizzou to Big Ten

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Game 1: tomorrow at 2pm CT.

PowerMizzou: Tigers ready for Super Regionals

25 home runs, huh?

The Maneater: Q&A: Australian native Robbie Glendinning hopes to make impact on Mizzou baseball

Mizzou Tigers pennant A realignment tell-all (sort of)? Count me in

KC Star: Jon Wefald’s book revisits Big 12’s origins, K-State’s football rise and controversy

Initially, Wefald talked about a merger of the 16 schools. But on a conference call in February 1994, Wefald recalled then-Texas president Bob Berdahl shaping the league. "’Here is what we decided,’" Wefald quoted Berdahl. "’We encourage the Big 8 Conference to invite Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas to form a new conference.’" [...]

Wefald recalled Berdahl harmed Nebraska after leaving Texas. Berdahl was the president of the Association of American Universities (AAU) in 2011 when Nebraska was voted out of the prestigious group. Wefald said Berdahl could have used his influence to sway a close vote.

"The truth is," Wefald wrote, "no outside academic leader has dented Nebraska’s athletic and academic standing over the years more than Bob Berdahl.

"In another irony, if Nebraska had not been a member of the AAU in 2010 when the Big 10 was adding a new school, the University of Missouri, an AAU school, would likely be a member of the Big 10 today."

Mizzou Tigers pennant A rainout @MIZ_TrackField: UPDATED NCAA Preliminary Round Schedule

A series of storms pushed events back on day one of the NCAA Championships Preliminary Round for the Mizzou Track & Field team.  In anticipation of more storms rolling through Lawrence, Kansas, on Friday and Saturday, all events will be run as a quarterfinal with the top 12 athletes advancing into Eugene as noted below.

The Trib: MU track team's Fischer continues on recovery path at end of adversity-filled season

Mizzou Tigers pennant *cough* This certainly didn't affect Missouri...

The Trib (Steve Walentik): Draft withdrawal deadline brings measure of clarity to SEC rosters, but not in Starkville