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Driving the Mizzou Memory Lane, Episode 1 with Eric Edholm

Melvin Booker

During this last season, I spent some time brainstorming a few ideas I felt could keep the offseason content light and fun. After two really tough basketball seasons, and the turmoil the program has been under for several years running, I figured it might be fun to spend some time talking about the past. You know, when things were pretty good.

Basically I'll be talking to several current media members, and Mizzou alumni about their time at the University of Missouri, and their positive memories of going to games.

So now comes episode 1. It's always easier to start these kinds of things with people you know and are familiar with. We've had Eric Edholm, of YahooSports Shutdown Corner on the Rock M Radio podcast a few times, and Eric has always been gracious with his time. So he made a natural first guest. Without further adieu, Driving the Mizzou Memory Lane, Episode 1:

Going forward, I'd like to do as many of these as I can. Please leave feedback if you have any. I'm also open to any requests for interviews of people you'd like to hear from. One caveat, they have to have graduated, or at least attended the University of Missouri and gone to basketball games.

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