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Missouri softball playing today "in protest of Mack Rhoades & athletic administration"

Missouri is playing today at 2:00 p.m. CT against South Carolina, hoping to extend a nine-game winning streak. The Tigers are also apparently playing in protest.

The text of the statement released to media:

Missouri players are playing this game in protest of our athletic department and specifically Missouri head AD Mack Rhoades. The Missouri athletic department is conducting a wholly unsubstantiated investigation of our softball program and the softball coaching staff. The softball players support and love our coaching staff, and we wonder why this black cloud is being put over our program intentionally by Mizzou AD Mack Rhoades.

The administration is conducting an unjust investigation which includes:

- Bullying and intimidating players during forced interviews

- AD Mack Rhoades told us that we, the players, don't have ANY say in who is the coach of our team

- We believe a gag order has been placed on our coaches

- The administration was completely incompetent in handling the fall football scandal and they are doing a worse job at this

- This is a title IX sport and they're making up a false investigation

- The softball program under coach Ehren Earleywine IS THE WINNINGEST PROGRAM IN THE HISTORY OF MISSOURI SPORTS

Mack Rhoades and Mizzou athletics administration drawing out this unnecessary investigation on our coaching staff is having an emotional effect on our team.

Let our coaches coach us! That's why we came here!

Missouri Softball players

So. No idea why an "investigation" would be going on, though I guess it could have something to do with the minor NCAA violations we learned about a while back. We'll be learning some more details soon enough, and some of the above items seem a little bit more legitimate than others, but ... this year just needs to end. Good lord.

Happy anniversary, coach.