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Missouri-Kansas was one of football's more unpredictable recent rivalries, and not in a good way

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Tyler Foote highlights!

The CBC sophomore was one of the stars of Mizzou camp, but it's not quite his turn to be recruited just yet.

SLUH's Tony Adams, on the other hand, could see his recruiting pick up really quickly.

Dude is, uh, fast. #analysis

PowerMizzou: QBs stand out at Mizzou camp

PowerMizzou: Camping in Chicago

PowerMizzou: Sun starts to set on Missouri's 2016 camp season

Hey, Joe Walljasper, what do you think about satellite camps?

The Trib: Summer should be satellite-free

"They’re making these rules up as they go along," Harbaugh said of the NCAA in an interview with from a recent camp in Baltimore. "It’s really discouraging, but I think there’s a real prejudice against football in this country — at the pro level, the college level, the high school level, the pee-wee level."

Um … this country is so prejudiced against football that Harbaugh is compensated $7 million annually to coach it.

The real issue the NCAA should consider is whether it’s necessary to spend 12 months a year actively recruiting high school kids. If Harbaugh argues there is a war on football, I would counter that there is a war on summer, the months when players and coaches used to get away from the grind so they could return refreshed in August.

And while we're talking about recruiting...

Mizzou Tigers pennant Why yes, MU-KU did make the list...

SB Nation: Ranking 23 great college football rivalries by how hard they are to predict

According to Michael's analysis, the "upset years" were 1992 (yay!), 1996 (yay!), 1997 (boo), 1999 (boo), 2003 (boo), and 2008 (boo). The highlights of the good games on that list aren't on YouTube, but I assume some of us may have been in school for those ... especially the 1996 game that featured Corby Jones' "hello, world" 80-yard run.

(I don't miss the KU football rivalry at all. There were like three good games in 20 years. I miss the other sports, though. We'll just say that basketball was more the good kind of unpredictable.)

Mizzou Tigers pennant NCAA championships ongoing in Oregon... Applebee Highlights Day Two with All-American Finish

The Trib: Montgomery just misses in 400, Woodson moves on in 100 at NCAAs

Mizzou Tigers pennant MIZ-FORE Meek, Young Advance to Match Play at Scottish Women’s Amateur Championship