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Texas and Texas A&M are discussing playing each other again, huh? Well isn't that interesting

Here are four Mizzou things for your sizzling June Saturday.

Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Mizzou Tigers pennant 1. Texas vs. Texas A&M, huh? Interesting.

This. This is some pretty good shade.

I mentioned just this week that I don't really miss playing Kansas in football, per say (and if there was an unexpected result in the series, it probably wasn't going to be Mizzou-friendly), but hey ... if Texas and A&M can start talking again, who knows what this world is capable of ... Mizzou-Kansas in football ... Mizzou-Kansas in basketball....

Mizzou Tigers pennant 2. Ryan Howard: fifth-round pick Mizzou’s Ryan Howard Selected in Fifth Round of MLB Draft by Giants

Mizzou Tigers pennant 3. Markesh Woodson: All-American Woodson Claims All-American Honor on Day Three

Mizzou Tigers pennant 4. Men's Freestyle World Cup features two Tigers Cox and Waters to Wrestle at UWW Men’s Freestyle World Cup

KC Star: MU's Olympic wrestler J'den Cox, mother make beautiful music

Stop being adorable, J'den.