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Driving the Mizzou Memory Lane, Episode 3 with Ben Hochman


So far, I've really enjoyed putting these podcasts together. Driving the Mizzou Memory Lane has been an adventure which I hope you've enjoyed listening as much as I've enjoyed publishing.

Episode 1 - With Eric Edholm

Episode 2 - With Tom Hart

And now we jump into Episode 3, this time with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Benjamin Hochman. Hochman spent some time at Mizzou from 1998 to 2002 before moving on to jobs in New Orleans and Denver. A St. Louis native, Hochman jumped at a chance to return home to the Post-Dispatch in order to be the sports columnist there. What was fun about talking with Ben was he spent time as a member of the original Zou Crew as a freshmen, then joined the basketball managers for Quin Snyders first season at Missouri. So he has a unique perspective during his time in Columbia.

So without any further adieu, Episode Three of "Driving the Mizzou Memory Lane"

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