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Offseason Bingo

College football has cruised headlong into the offseason dead zone, but that's no reason for us to stop having fun.

N, 43. That's the letter N, and the number 43.
N, 43. That's the letter N, and the number 43.
Jack Peglow

No news is good news, but it's also incredibly boring. We have entered the stretch of the summer where absolutely nothing is going on. Baseball is (almost) over (once Mack Rhoades gets that whole "coach" thing sorted), Softball's gone kaput, football has gone off the grid until later on in the summer, and basketball looks like they'll finally just be cool for one second. It's slim pickings out there, news-wise

Hopefully you've done your duty as a fan of collegiate athletics and fattened up for hibernation. It doesn't take much; a few good books, a new video game, or a DIY project should suffice. Anything that can keep you offline and occupied, really. I'm personally enjoying the heck out of Overwatch on the PS4 - PSN is ScandalPanda, add me for guaranteed wins - but everyone passes the time differently. All that really matters is you staying away from the computer. Simple, right?


Okay, who am I kidding? Asking college football fans to refrain from internetting during the offseason is like asking your dog to quit licking his crotch. He'll knock it off for a bit, then he'll start back up when he thinks you aren't looking. Eventually he'll forget all about your command. Just like that, your pooch will be back to cleansing himself whenever and wherever his little genitals heart desires.

We are no different. Even though our menu currently consists only of arrests, coachspeak and preseason projections based more on a team's brand than its personnel, we show up every day hungry for more. It isn't fun, but it's what we do.

What if it was fun, though?

Let's do that. Let's spice up the offseason. The next few months will feature plenty of college football content, but nothing that we haven't seen before. Because of that, a unique opportunity presents itself. We can make a game out of it. A BINGO game, to be precise. It's not much, but it should liven things up a little bit. So play along with us using the board below; and before you know it, the drought will be over.

Offseason bingo 2016