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Missouri great Shane Ray talks about tattoos, Kansas City, and his own 2016 expectations

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Missouri-Georgia 2015 highlights.

What? There were highlights! Really!

The Trib (Blake Toppmeyer): Get to know a 2016 opponent: Georgia

This is one of the more underrated, interesting games on Missouri's schedule. If things go as planned and Jacob Eason is indeed named the UGA starter this fall, then this will be the freshman's first road start. He'll likely have a healthy Nick Chubb to lean on, but Missouri could be in a situation to force a lot of mistakes. Granted, that won't matter if the Tigers still can't score points, but ... interesting, is all I'm saying.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Hey, Shane

ZouNation (David Morrison): Inked in Missouri

What a story it is: The product of a single parent growing up in a Kansas City zip code once dubbed "The Murder Factory." A pudgy pre-teen who blossomed in a big way and found his ticket to stardom as his mother worked to save the money needed to send Shane to a private high school. A can’t-miss, Top Ten NFL draft prospect who saw his stock plummet just before draft night. It eventually landed him with the Broncos, who just so happened to win the Super Bowl in Ray’s rookie season.

Everything seems to work out for Shane Ray, but it’s because he puts in the work to make it so. He learned it all from Kansas City. It’s written across his back. "If you’re saying you’re a fan and you’re a true fan of me and my story, then you won’t have a problem with [me] expressing who I am and where I come from," Ray says. "[The tattoo] captured the key things that represent Kansas City. I enjoy it. That’s kind of all that matters, really." Linebacker Shane Ray Has Big Expectations For His Second Year With The Denver Broncos

Mizzou Tigers pennant Memories

Post-Dispatch: The night Mizzou beat Steph Curry - 10 years ago

Mizzou Tigers pennant Track season continues (sort of) Montgomery Sets Out for USATF Junior Championships