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Mitch Morse: "People ask me if I have anything other than Missouri Tiger stuff. I don't."

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Hey there, Laurence and Jarrett!

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PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Kevin Puryear
PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Cullen Van Leer


The Trib (Steve Walentik): SEC continues to do its best work on draft night

Mizzou Tigers pennant Stay away from Anthony Sherrils, NFL!

I want two more years of him. Charles Harris, I've resigned myself to losing. But both Harris and Sherrils made ESPN Insider's top 5 underclassmen list at their given positions for 2017. It's a little surprising to me that Sherrils is on there, simply because his size isn't by any means the NFL prototype (and underclassmen don't usually make it too high up the list unless they are physical specimens), but lord knows he's got the speed for the job. And he was really, really steady in 2015, especially for a sophomore and first-year starter. NFL draft 2017 - Top 10 prospects across every defensive position, senior, underclassmen

As for current pros... Carolina Panthers Position Analysis: Defensive End

The Trib: Morse gears up for his second season as a Chief

Q: What made center the right position for you at this level?

A: That’s a great question. I don’t know. My short arms? You know what, I would’ve plugged and played wherever they put me. I definitely feel like I like being right in the thick of things and helping out any way I can, and I guess the best way I can help out is being at center inside and helping ID some of the fronts and the defenses.

Q: Being from Texas originally but playing professionally in Missouri after going to college at Missouri, are you starting to feel like a Missourian?

A: I definitely feel like it’s home. Texas is everything to me, and I eventually want to end up back in Texas. I’m in Texas right now, and it makes me happy because I’m in Texas. Everything makes me happier in Texas, but I have an unbelievable network of friends and a support group of teammates and some family up in Kansas City, so I definitely feel like a Missourian. It will always be in my blood. I always rep Missouri stuff, almost to an obnoxious point. Even down here, I have people ask me if I have anything other than Missouri Tiger stuff. The truth is, I don’t.

Mizzou Tigers pennant It's preview season throughout the land

Post and Courier: South Carolina football opponent previews, Week 9: Missouri

The Smoking Musket: Morgantown's 2016 Visitor Guide: Part I - Fine Dining
The Smoking Musket: Morgantown's 2016 Visitor Guide: Part II - Night Life
The Smoking Musket: Morgantown's 2016 Visitor Guide: Part III - Attractions

Mizzou Tigers pennant A name to keep an eye on:

Indianapolis Star: Dominique Booth to take medical waiver, eventually seek transfer

Mizzou recruited Booth hard out of high school, so at the very least he's a name to keep in the back of our collective mind.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Olympic qualifying: ongoing @MizzouSwimDive Sends 29 To Compete at U.S. Olympic Trials

Mizzou Tigers pennant Volleyball schedule: about set @MizzouVB Announces 2016 Season Opener

Mizzou Tigers pennant By the way...

...just saying...

When I heard Title IX was involved in the Ehren Earleywine investigation, I told myself not to assume any official news before the end of June. June ends this week! (My guess, by the way: They're finalizing contract language to assure a "zero tolerance" arrangement toward Earleywine's actions. But that's purely a guess. I guess wrong a lot.)