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Rock M Radio - Episode 79: Talking War

Jack and Sam discuss all the Mizzou news that's fit for discussing (nothing) and then talk to Jarrett Sutton about the Border War Legends game being held this July 16.

Might we see this again soon?
Might we see this again soon?
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This week's topics of discussion:

  • In-depth discussion of Overwatch strategy including:
    • Countering enemy heroes
    • Map callouts
    • Possible future buffs/nerfs
  • A celebration of National Negroni Week.
  • Hoops crootin' news/woes.
  • An interview with former Mizzou basketball player and current SEC Network analyst Jarrett Sutton about the Border War Legends game.
  • Tweet questions that you would like us to answer using the #RockMRadio hashtag!