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Missouri Football will host "Night at the Zou," a special recruiting event, this Saturday

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Leading Off

Barry Odom and J'den Cox threw out the opening pitches for some baseball team

Mack owes Mizzou

Post-Dispatch: Rhoades owes Mizzou more money than university paid him

Rhoades, who earlier this week accepted the athletics director job at Baylor, must pay MU $800,000 for leaving before the end of his five-year contract. Rhoades’ contract calls for a $1 million buyout if he leaves before the final six months of the deal, though that amount is reduced by $200,000 on each of the first four anniversary dates of his first day in office, which was April 27, 2015.

Stadium Upgrades?

You'll recall that in April, Rhoades stated that there will be no facility south of the Memorial Stadium. On Wednesday, Odom was asked about how Mack Rhoades' departure would affect stadium renovation.

Q. Specifically, with Mack heading out, what does that do to the next phase of stadium reconstruction? Where are you at with that right now?

COACH ODOM: Yeah. We've got some great plans on breaking ground on that construction. If it gets held up because of this, it won't be for long because the plan that's in place that I've set with him over the last couple of months, we spent a lot of time on getting things ready to go. And so obviously out of respect on who the new hire will be, we'll get that okay, and then excited about building some facilities at Mizzou that leads us into the next 15 years of great success.

The Trib: Q&A with Wren Baker

Q: The last we heard from Mack in April he said there were five designs he was considering for the new football facility and was planning to shop those plans to major donors in the next few months. Where does that process stand?

A: We’ve advanced a little bit further beyond that. We have a location that we like in mind and some basic programming of what is in it. We’re working to get some pricing finalized. But we’re down to a couple of concepts, and we’ve started to have a couple of those conversations with some donors in kind of a silent phase to get their input. I believe we can work toward finalizing those in the coming weeks and gauge interest in our donors who have the capacity to give at a high level. Coach (Barry) Odom has been very passionate about how important those facility enhancements are for football, but they’re also important for all of our sports. That new (Mizzou Athletics Training Center) concept is going to be really critical for us, because that’s going to be the hub of our student-athlete center for a long period of time.

Sam Snelling did a Q&A with Wren Baker, where he discussed stadium upgrades, his thoughts on Mizzou's future and more. That should be up later today.

Night at the Zou

This Saturday, Mizzou football will be hosting several elite targets from around Missouri and around the country. It's free to attend for Mizzou fans.

We'll have more about this throughout the week.

Hoops Scheduling

The Trib: Tigers to meet Xavier in the first round of Puerto Rico Tip-Off


The Trib: Carroll working to get healthy as he comes back to Columbia



Paige Lowary, the top pitcher for Missouri's softball team, will transfer to Oklahoma.

Michael Porter Jr. committed over the weekend.

Charles Harris was disrespected by the media or something.