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All Mizzou's Exes Live in Texas

Here are today's Mizzou links

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Another AD bites the dust.

Mizzou Tigers pennantAll Mizzou's exes live in Texas

KC Star - Interim Mizzou athletic director Wren Baker expected to leave for North Texas

Two weeks after its athletic director abruptly resigned, Missouri is set to lose its interim athletic director, Wren Baker, by the end of the week.

Baker is the leading candidate for the vacant athletic director job at North Texas and is expected to be offered the position Friday when the school’s board of regents meets, a source told The Star.

BenFred: Mizzou's lack of leadership apparent in Wren Baker limbo | Ben Frederickson |

Baker seemed like a sensible interim choice after Rhoades bolted. He had set deeper roots than his boss during his short time at the school. But by leaving the ship he agreed to steer for a while, he leaves Mizzou with egg on its face once again.

The most important condition for the interim position should have been that the person wouldn’t do this. Most figured the man Rhoades hired from Memphis to be his deputy director of athletics would get a serious shot at losing his interim tag. He either determined that wasn’t the case, decided he didn’t want to pass on North Texas while waiting to find out, or simply didn’t want to be at Mizzou.

Said it once, I'll say it again.

This is fine

On a more positive note...

Mizzou Tigers pennant Ain't nothing gonna break Barry Odom's stride

Post-Dispatch - Uncertainty at Mizzou not holding back Odom's recruiting

First-year Tigers coach Barry Odom doesn't have a stable athletic director, chancellor or president. The guy who is supposed to be his temporary boss, Wren Baker, is a finalist for the athletics director position at North Texas. The news Odom just made should be digested with these facts in mind.

Amid so much uncertainty and negative publicity, Odom on Tuesday evening landed commitments from three noteworthy prospects. It's impressive, considering the circumstances.

Missouri Tigers Football Preview 2016 | College Football News

New offensive coordinator Josh Heupel – the former Oklahoma national title-winning quarterback – will try to speed things up a bit with a faster-paced offense that gets the ball out of the quarterbacks’ hands in a hurry. Drew Lock is that quarterback, and he’s built for the job. But he needs the weapons around him to work.

Mizzou always recruited to a type at running back with smallish, quick options, but they need more production from a group that didn’t have any room to move. The Tigers ran for just 1,385 yards and five touchdowns just two seasons after tearing off 3,330 yards and 35 scores.

Top 15 redshirt sophomores in college football -

11. Walter Brady, DE, Missouri Stop me if you've heard this one before -- here's a Missouri defensive end who is a relentless pass rusher with a motor that always revs and an insatiable nose for the ball. While Charles Harris would also be an acceptable answer, in this case, we are going with Brady. Brady is able to see past blockers and find the ball quickly, and he has the attacking demeanor and closing burst to finish as a tackler.

Please hurry, football season.

Mizzou Tigers pennant At this point, basketball can't be picky about experience

Whether that be experience playing basketball, or experience traveling overseas.

Columbia Tribune - Phillips one of few Tigers who knows what to expect being abroad

Missouri’s sophomore point guard followed his older brother, one-time Arizona commit Brandon Jennings. Jennings broke his pledge to the Wildcats, instead going abroad to make money and bide his time before he became eligible for the NBA draft.


Phillips attended an international school, picked up some Italian — "Ciao Bello!" he said to a group of reporters before the Tigers’ practice Tuesday at Mizzou Arena — and even got to travel to other parts of Europe, joining classmates on a band trip to Amsterdam, where a visit to the Anne Frank house left an impression.

Look, you gotta take any advantages you can get. Insignificant or not.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Rhyan rallied. She rallied hard.

There's a lot of things to be upset about right now, but none of those things matter in the grand scheme of it all. This thing? This matters.

Congratulations Rhyan. Keep kicking ass.