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Hank Foley is Mizzou's Interim Athletic Director, Barry Odom is the Designated Survivor

It's interims all the way down.

Earlier this morning, Interim AD Wren Baker officially took a position at the University of North Texas.

Shortly thereafter, Interim Chancellor Hank Foley announced he would be taking over as Missouri's interim Athletic Director.

And perhaps you heard that Missouri assistant basketball coach Corey Tate left to join SLU.

With all this turnover, we had some fun on the twitters.

Then right before the 5pm news deadline, Missouri announced an interim Women's Tennis coach.

The following have left in the last year:

For those unable to see the tweet:

  • Three Curators
  • Three Deans
  • The System President
  • The Chancellor
  • Two Athletic Directors
  • The Head Football Coach
  • The Baseball Coach
  • The Tennis Coach

...and a partridge in a pear tree (not really I think that's still in the lobby - but it definitely needs watering).

Apparently the AD search is "moving quickly"

According to KOMU's Chris Gervino, SMU AD Rick Hart has emerged as a candidate. Hart's grandfather was Mizzou's AD from 1978-1986 and Dave Hart Jr. is the AD at Tennessee. Gervino followed it up by with sources telling him more names to watch: Sean Frazier of Northern Illinois and Jeff Compher of East Carolina.

So be sure to stay tuned! You might get tapped to be Missouri's next top administrator!