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Rock M Radio - Episode 84: Please be more offensive

Jack and Sam discuss Mizzou's new AD, then preview football's 2016 offense with Nate Latsch of Black & Gold Illustrated.

Jack Peglow

This week's topics of discussion:

  • This week, our intrepid hosts are joined by Nate Latsch of Scout's Black and Gold Illustrated.
  • Previewing the offense:
    • In-depth looks at each position group.
    • Attempts to find any reason - any reason at all - that Mizzou will score more touchdowns this season.
    • How good does this side of the ball need to be for the Tigers to be good as a whole?
  • Evaluating the Jim Sterk hire.
    • SPOILER: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Putting Mizzou's fine performance so far in Italy into perspective.
  • Tweet questions that you would like us to answer using the #RockMRadio hashtag!