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Show Me a new Faurot Field for Missouri Football

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Proposing some design changes for Faurot Field


With the hire of Barry Odom as Missouri's new head football coach, the Mizzou #brand saw a slight tweak. There's now an emphasis on the "Show Me" state's motto. Specifically, "The Show-Me brand concept ties Mizzou's current football tradition to the past while emphasizing the pride points of what it means to be from the great state of Missouri."

Missouri's graphics team has really been stepping up and doing cool things with the #Mizzou brand identity. Just yesterday they posted a cool GIF running through the evolution of Faurot Field.

Senior digital media producer Ali Fisher, who posted the above GIF, is quoted as saying, "Having a strong brand presence online is crucial; it's all about perception and every detail counts,"

Which led me to wonder if adding the state's outline to Faurot Field might be in the future.

Not one to wait, I decided to mock it up myself.


Here are the most popular two options, first with state outline but no Tiger oval:


And the state outline with an oval’d Tiger logo:


↑ This one might be the best option ↑

More Mock Ups

I also went ahead and freed the Tiger from his oval and gave the state a full background, which is a change from Missouri's current bordered outline/bordered Tiger logo, but I like it better.

But I am a magnanimous blogger, so here's another look.

Here are some others concepts, because I should never have been given photoshop.

One with a totally different Tiger.

We could rename it "Josey Field".

What about a California "Hang Loose" #Brand?

I really like this old school Truman logo I stumbled across a couple years ago:

The solid gold background really means endless possibilities and surprisingly some people like it.

I spoke with some folks in the Mizzou media department and they told me there’s nothing in the works currently to redesign Faurot Field so this is really just a fun little concept.

But hey - maybe you’ll see it on the field in a few years, you’ll have seen it here first!