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Missouri JUCO transfer Tyler Howell is enormous. Is he good, too?

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Missouri will likely turn to JUCO transfer to fill in at least one starting spot in 2016. How might Tyler Howell and Kyle Mitchell fare?

Tyler Howell

6’8, 305, Jr.

Bonner Springs, KS

Oscar Gamble: Missouri’s starting left tackle will likely be a JUCO transfer who had to sit out last year due to academics and just made it to campus in January. That’s a scary proposition, but from what I’ve seen he has the size and athleticism to play the position. The question that remains to be seen is how good his technique and conditioning are and if he can stand up to SEC pass rushers.

TheRonDavis: That’s a big man. He hasn’t played a football season since 2014, but he’s coming in to be the starter at right or left tackle. If not, well he’s still a big man that looks good coming off the bus. Big year for Tyler Howell.

Pboggs: It appears we stole a player from Arkansas’ line. Howell is big and powerful and should be a player that can create big holes for Mizzou’s backs. If he can get the playbook down, I would expect him to start every game.

Sam Snelling: Howell is big. If he plays well and is able to anchor Drew Lock’s blindside, the chance for Mizzou to be good increases significantly. But honestly, I don’t have much to analyze because we haven’t seen him play. Here’s to hoping for the best.

Bill C.: Howell brings both size and an interesting what-if to the table. If he turns out solid, it will be interesting to reflect on the impact he could have had last year — Howell at LT would have allowed Connor McGovern to shift back to the interior and play next to Evan Boehm. Mizzou’s slotting would have been more in line with strengths.

Alas, the past is the past. Howell needing an extra semester to attain eligibility just means that Missouri gets him in 2017 again if he’s good. (Unless he’s really good and leaves, which ... well I think that would be okay too...)

Kyle Mitchell

6’5, 305, So.

Fair Oaks, CA

Oscar Gamble: JUCO guy who Glen Elarbee said is “twitchy, has a nasty streak.” Mitchell will probably compete at both tackle and guard. I don’t know much more about him.

TheRonDavis: If he comes in with a mean streak, he’ll almost certainly play. Mitchell adds much needed depth at either tackle or guard.

Sam Snelling: Maybe he’ll play, maybe he won’t play. Mitchell is another guy who we haven’t seen play and don’t know much of what to expect from him. So, I hope he’s good and wins SEC Offensive lineman of the year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bill C.: Way to take a stand, Sam.

I loved the addition of Mitchell, in part because he’s versatile, and in part because he’s a sophomore. As important as line play is to Missouri’s fortunes in 2016, the Tigers are loaded with underclassmen at the position and could, in theory, improve in 2017 and 2018. (Of course, that suggests that having experience up front matters — it didn’t in 2015. But allow me to be optimistic.)