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Tre Williams has already drawn comparisons to Mizzou greats. No pressure!

Tre Williams YouTube / Mizzou Network

Tre Williams

6’5, 255, Fr.

Columbia, MO

davidcmorrison: Fun fact — Williams’ little-used Twitter handle is “young_clowney5.”

Jeez, way to not put the pressure on yourself, Tre. But you know what?...maybe.

He was a basketball player first and, at Rock Bridge, that late development meant about as many missed assignments as exploded plays. But he did have the capacity to take over a drive, and if he can progress physically and mentally at Missouri, he can be a force. And they may need him to play significant reps this year, with a Walter Brady-shaped hole suddenly to fill.

Hmmm, let’s see. Raw talent. Thought he’d punch his ticket in basketball until pretty late in his prep career. Freaky athleticism.

Maybe he should change up that handle to “young_harris91.” But then he might run into copyright issues with that college in Georgia.

Oscar Gamble: Tre Williams looks like a Charles Harris clone almost down to similar origin stories. He has looked very big and ready during fall camp and has already drawn comparisons to Aldon Smith. Maybe it’s too much to expect a Freshman All-American season from Williams, but I am looking forward to seeing how much he contributes this year. I think he’s the heir-apparent to Charles Harris for #DLineZou.

Bill C.: Aldon Smith and Charles Harris combined for 23 tackles for loss as freshmen and 28.5 as sophomores. Granted, they had a redshirt year, and it looks like Williams won’t, but ... hop to it, Tre! No pressure!

We almost forget about the guys who commit really early, but I just watched Williams’ highlight film again for the first time in a while, and I’m excited all over again. He seems to be a nice mix of controlled and explosive — he’s cautious until he sees what’s going on, then he reaches full speed in about a step. All caveats about high school highlight film aside, he looks like what you want a high school defensive end to look like.