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No pressure, Marcell Frazier, but Charles Harris needs a partner

The junior end won a starting job when Walter Brady was dismissed. Now he has to make sure Mizzou doesn’t suffer for Brady’s dismissal.

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Marcell Frazier

6’5, 265, Jr.

Portland, OR
2015: 14.0 tackles, 6 TFL, 2 sacks, 1 FF

davidcmorrison: Frazier rode in from the west in 2015 and usurped Walter Brady during fall camp, only to be re-usurped (resurped?) by Brady about a quarter of the way into the season before closing back the snap gap again (but not regaining that starting spot) by the end of the year.

Brady was simply more productive than Frazier during their respective times on the field. Brady averaged a tackle every 12.3 snaps, a tackle for loss every 39.2 and a sack every 70. Frazier averaged a tackle every 19.1 snaps, a tackle for loss every 57.2 and a sack every 171.5.

Brady’s not around to draw attention away from Harris anymore. How effective can Frazier be in that role? He’ll get plenty of opportunities to see what he can do, one-on-one, against a blocker, but while he has shown a good knack for setting edges and funneling plays inside, he hasn’t really shown that plus pass-rush move on a consistent basis yet.

No time like the present, right?

TheRonDavis: This has a chance to be Marcell Frazier’s year of gaining NFL attention. His frame says so, and he’s shown flashes of production to warrant those looks. Now that it looks like he’ll be the man opposite Charles Harris, he really needs to take advantage of the one-on-one opportunities he’ll see. The key for Frazier is to get opposing coaches to respect his game enough to allow Harris enough opportunities. It sounds like he’s taken that next step over the summer and so far through fall camp.

Oscar Gamble: What if Marcell Frazier is actually good? Last year he showed some flashes early and then was kind of lost shuffle. He’s put on some muscle and has another year in Columbia, even if the reason he came to Mizzou - Craig Kuligowski - is now gone. But he’s stated goal is to make it to the NFL and he appears to have the frame for that. If Frazier can approximate 7 sacks and 10 TFLs and be strong against the run then the Tigers’ defensive line has an excellent bookend DE.

And David, resurped sounds ...vaguely sordid.

Bill C.: I really liked what I saw from Frazier last year from a patience perspective. He seemed good at containing plays, staying home, etc. And maybe on a line with Charles Harris and Terry Beckner Jr., that’s all that will be required of him. But as mentioned in the Harris piece, there’s a chance that opponents are going to try to get away with moving as far away as possible from Harris, and if it works, one of Mizzou’s biggest defensive strengths will be stunted. It will be up to Frazier to make sure opponents aren’t punished for going after him.

Again, I’m pretty optimistic, but that might just be because as a fan, I’m spoiled. When a new Mizzou defensive end needs to step up, he does. But there’s no question that, optimistic or pessimistic, Frazier is facing a lot of pressure to thrive this year. He wasn’t far off of Brady’s standard, but Brady’s not around anymore.

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