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About 8 to 10 true freshmen could see the field for Missouri in 2016

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Well he's already a superstar to us

USA Today: 5 athletes who will become superstars at the 2020 Olympics

A bronze medalist wrestler in Rio, [J'den] Cox is a two-time NCAA champ for the University of Missouri. He’ll be a senior at Mizzou this fall and has room to grow with international experience.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Early Sterk impressions

The Trib (Blake Toppmeyer): Twitter mailbag: First impression of Jim Sterk, is Lock the answer at QB, etc.

Q: What's your opinion of new AD? Will Sterk talk to the media more in his first month than Rhoades did in 15? -- @E_Gibby

As far as the news conference, I thought he made a good first impression, but I’m not one who puts a lot of stock in "winning the press conference." The word that other administrators and coaches have tossed around with Sterk a lot is "genuine," and I thought he came across that way in his remarks. He had far less of a politician or used-car salesman feel than a lot of ADs have. At times, he even stumbled over his words a bit, which I took to be a good thing. Why? It made him seem human. He seemed like he was a tad nervous speaking in front of a room of a couple hundred people on what was a big day in his career. That’s a natural human response. It’s far less human to see someone stand at a lectern in front of a crowded room and flawlessly deliver their remarks like a cyborg.

So, yes, I came away thinking Sterk was human, genuine or whatever word you want to call it.

Mizzou Tigers pennant The redshirts, they are flying off

Post-Dispatch: Tigers shift focus to West Virginia

With the season's first game 11 days away, there's a strong expectation within the staff that MU will play as many as nine or 10 true freshmen. Slot receiver Dimetrious Mason, running back Damarea Crockett, right tackle Tre'Vour Simms and guard/center Trystan Castillo are expected to avoid redshirts on offense. On defense, linebacker Cale Garrett, safety DeMarkus Acy, cornerback Christian Holmes and possibly defensive tackle Markell Utsey and defensive end Tre Williams could see the field in some capacity. Freshman Tucker McCann is expected to handle the kicking duties. That's 10 of the 15 freshmen on campus.

PowerMizzou: Notes from Practice: August 23rd

A minimum of eight freshmen out of 15 that made it to campus for the beginning of camp ... are likely to be on the field this season. Not bad immediate return from a class that was ranked No. 46 in the country by

Speaking of freshmen, cornerback Jerod Alton was expected to be on campus by Tuesday. Odom said after practice Alton had finished his classes and is awaiting final approval. The coach said he could be deemed eligible "at any minute."

It's blowing my mind how far Dimetrios Mason appears to have risen in a short amount of time.

PowerMizzou: Scherer moves on to final season

Post-Dispatch: Zanders could factor into Mizzou's QB plans

Mizzou Tigers pennant New team, meet old team

The Trib: Missouri to open season with exhibition against Central Missouri

The past and the present will collide for Missouri basketball Coach Kim Anderson on Nov. 4, when the Tigers will host Central Missouri in an exhibition game at Mizzou Arena to open their 2016-17 season.