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Don’t forget about a couple of other returning Missouri running backs

Trevon Walters and Ryan Williams probably won’t forfeit the battle for playing time simply because some exciting newcomers have moved to Columbia.

Ryan Williams

Trevon Walters

5’10, 200, So.

Bradenton, FL

Oscar Gamble: Walters redshirted to recover from an ACL injury, then spent the majority of last year trying to get healthy enough to see the field. A car accident the day before the UConn game last year apparently set him back, and he lost another year.

Walters is slightly larger than Ish Witter and was rated slightly better out of high school, so if he can find his way on to the field I think he can contribute. But at this point he may have lost too much ground to Witter and other newcomers.

Sam Snelling: You have to feel a little for the luck Walters has had to shoulder so far in his short career. I remember being very excited about his ability when he was coming in and was actually surprised when Witter avoided the redshirt while Walters sat out.

Then the injuries happened, and we are where we are with him. He’s a guy who came in with a lot of potential, but has the potential and growth been stunted to the point where he’ll be getting passed up by younger guys? This would appear to be the make-or-break season for Walters to start to get some carries.

TheRonDavis: From the 2014 signings, Trevon Walters was someone who I was really excited about. If he’s healthy, he could certainly find his way into the running back rotation. That’s certainly a question mark, and there just seems too many bodies on the depth chart. I trust he’ll get his fair shot, but this fall camp might be now or never for Trevon Walters.

Ryan Williams

6’0, 180, RSFr.

Lee’s Summit, MO

Oscar Gamble: Ryan Williams was hobbled by a knee injury during spring practices but pushed through it since the Tigers were down to walk-ons for the Black and Gold game. He’s not as big as listed and wasn’t as fast as I thought he might be, but perhaps he fully recovered over the summer. Williams needs to keep developing, putting on solid muscle, and getting better at reading his line before he can contribute.

Sam Snelling: I think it will be interesting to watch Williams on the depth chart this year. He’s was very highly regarded by many of the coaches when he signed, but there’s a lot of young and talented depth on the roster.

Of course, there are very few players who have actual game experience at Missouri, so maybe Williams could be a guy who gets carries over somebody like Natereace Strong or Demarea Crockett? Williams has been there, and the other backs have not, so does that give him a bit of an edge and get him some real time carries? We shall see.

TheRonDavis: Ryan Williams is yet another young, talent, but unproven running back Barry Odom has on his roster. I’m intrigued by the No. 3 spot on the depth chart, as it’s possibly going to be a battle between Williams, Trevon Walters, Damerea Crockett and Natereace Strong. The former two have a leg up on experience in the program, but the latter two were more highly-touted out of high school. It all comes down to fall camp. I just hope new running backs coach Cornell Ford can keep track of all his players.

Shaun Conway

5’9, 180, Jr.

Ferguson, MO

Sam Snelling: I have very strong and powerful opinions on Shaun Conway. First of all, he picked a splendid place to grow up. I live in Ferguson as well, and it’s a wonderful place. Second ... well, okay, I don’t have a second. You expect me to know everyone on the roster? There’s like 100 of them!

Bill C.: Granted, media weren’t allowed to see that much of spring practice, but Conway still managed to turn some heads. Since the end of spring, Mizzou has added both Ross and Strong to the roster, so maybe that ended any hopes for playing time for Conway, but I would love to see him get a shot, just out of pure curiosity. The guy is tiny but can run.