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Rock M Radio - Episode 83: Time to get the tailgate set up

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It's that time again! Our 2016 season preview series kicks off as Jack and Sam welcome @zrau of And the Valley Shook back to the program to discuss the finer points of college football tailgating.

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Jack Peglow

This week's topics of discussion:

  • This week, our intrepid hosts are joined by @zrau of And The Valley Shook.
  • Tailgating go-to dishes.
    • Keep it simple, but keep it tasty.
    • Quantity and quality.
  • What to do/eat in Baton Rouge.
    • Attention, Tiger fans: if you plan on attending Mizzou's away game in Death Valley, let us know! RSVP by tweeting @JackPeglow, @SamSnellingRMN, and/or @zrau - we'll make sure to have good food and good drinks waiting for you outside the stadium.
  • Trash talking the B1G, because we just couldn't resist.
  • Tweet questions that you would like us to answer using the #RockMRadio hashtag!