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Zoulogy previews Missouri’s 2016 Season with Bill Connelly

Welcome once again to the Zoulogy podcast - NOW ON iTUNES!

Episode four of Zoulogy is previewing Missouri's 2016 season which you might think is something you'd do before the first week but we are not your conventional podcast! We brought a pretty smart guy - Rock M Nation's Bill Connelly - to discuss win probabilities for every game this year.

In other words, we let him talk a lot so it was a pretty good podcast.

Show Notes

0:25 - Bill C is writing a book - plus fan's reactions to his "stats"
4:25 - WVU game! Most important game in program history????????
15:30 - Georgia matchup and the benefits of home field advantage
18:00 - The Four Phases Of Wild Overreaction to Mizzou's 2016 schedule
18:55 - Mizzou at LSU. 9% chance to win!
23:15 - Gator hunting
25:55 - MTSU, UK, USC, and Bill rants about things
36:45 - Vandy, and Bill "well actually's" the hell out of Dan
39:55 - all of us are mad at Tennessee
43:20 - Novembert!
45:45 - General discussion of some more macro issues regarding Mizzou football
52:35 - Barry Odom mancrushes

Previewing Missouri at West Virginia

In case you missed our West Virginia preview with David Morrison, here you go!

Thanks for listening and as always let us know what you think in the comments below.