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Mizzou Tigers Fall Camp Depth Chart, Injury Report

Updates on Missouri football’s injuries, depth chart during fall camp

Missouri v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

The big news out of the first day of camp came when Barry Odom confirmed redshirt junior lineman Nate Crawford had decided to medically retire. Crawford was coming of a second back surgery and although he had made some progress, Nate and the staff sat down and decided retirement was in his best interests.

Another development was the absence of lineman Tanner Owen, Odom said,

“Tanner’s going through a couple things. I’ll get a medical report here after we get finished finishing up some things. He’s got a couple things going on with Rex (Sharp, the team’s athletic trainer) from that side of it. I don’t have a timetable on it yet. I’ll know more tonight.”

Odom commented on some shuffling along the offensive line; Samson Bailey was playing center, Alec Ablen was playing right guard while Kevin Pendleton switched over to left guard. Freshman Tre’Vour Simms and Darvis Holmes were practicing at the tackle positions as was JUCO lineman Kyle Mitchell, who had just been cleared by the NCAA today.

Missouri was otherwise at full health for the first day of camp. Terry Beckner Jr. was a full participant in fall camp and impressed defensive coordinator DeMontie Cross with some plays.

Odom also mentioned the goal was to get Jerod Alton enrolled and on campus in the next few weeks.

I spoke with Missouri receiver Chris Black, who was a grad transfer from Alabama, about the recent controversy around Maurice Smith’s desire to transfer, as well as his goals for the coming season.

I also caught up with running back Alex Ross and caught his response to the news he and Chris Black were the first two grad transfers in Mizzou history.

Missouri looks to add another lineman

Michael Stannard was at camp today watching and Odom said he would be a walk-on until Missouri was able to get a few transcripts from Memphis. Stannard is originally from Columbia, Missouri.

Catching Up

Quarterback Maty Mauk was dismissed from the team. He ended up at Eastern Kentucky. Offensive lineman Michael Fairchild left and Eddie Printz transferred. Andy Bauer retired from Football. Clay Rhodes left Mizzou. Running back Chase Abbington and Malik Cuellar "quit football" or at least Malik Cuellar did, Chase Abbington later announced he wanted to play elsewhere. Missouri picked up the commitment of JUCO Offensive lineman Kyle Mitchell. Backup DE Rocel McWilliams announced his transfer. Running back Marquise Doherty transferred from Mizzou football/baseball. Missouri landed Oklahoma running back Alex Ross as a grad transfer and after initially failing to qualify, JUCO running back Nate Strong became academically eligible, but freshman Harry Ballard did not. Missouri picked up a late addition in Darvis Holmes.

Then just when we thought were were safe, Harold Brantley and Walter Brady were dismissed from the team. Here’s what that means for the Missouri in 2016.

Jersey Changes

QB Marvin Zanders went from #1 ► #2
WR Nate Brown went from #2 ► #7
K Tucker McCann went from #7 ► #98
JUCO QB Jack Lowary went from #7 ► #19
KSU S Kaleb Prewett is on board with #19 as well
JUCO RB Nate Strong gets #29
JUCO OL Kyle Mitchell gets #72

Freshman Numbers

WR Dimetrious Mason ► #9
QB Micah Wilson ► #13
RB Damarea Crockett ► #16
DB DeMarkus Acy ► #17
DB Christian Holmes ► #21
LB Trey Baldwin ► #29
LB Cale Garrett ► #47
DT Markell Utsey ► #49
OL Darvis Holmes ► #50
OL Trystan Castillo ► #54
OL Tre’Vour Simms ► #75
TE Albert Okwuegbunam ► #81
TE Brendan Scales ► #89
DE Tre Williams ► #93
Still no sign of freshman cornerback Jerod Alton.


Nate Crawford - (Second) Lower back surgery - Medically retired

Terry Beckner - Right Knee ACL, MCL - Full participant
Tavon Ross - Left ACL - full participant
Nate Howard - Arthroscopic Knee Surgery - full participant
AJ Harris - Red jersey, right hand still in a full wrap but otherwise participated
Trevon Walters - Right Knee ACL - full participant

Chris Black - Right Ankle - full participant
Cam Hilton - Hamstring - full participant
AJ Logan - Left Knee sprain - full participant
Ray Wingo - Left Hamstring - full participant
Ronnell Perkins - Rib Injury - full participant
Ryan Williams - Knee, Ankle - full participant
Johnathan Johnson - Right Ankle Sprain - full participant

Bookmark RockMNation’s Depth Chart page for future reference.

Fall Camp Schedule