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Mizzou is the Macbeth of collegiate athletics

Here are today's Mizzou links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

I don't want to talk about it.

Mizzou Tigers pennantOkay fine, we'll talk about it

Walter Brady and Harold Brantley have both been dismissed from the football program. Brantley for academic reasons, and Brady for the ever enigmatic "violation of team policies." You know what they say: when it rains it pours. Sometimes for months and months on end without any sign of letting up.

This is fine

The show must go on:

PowerMizzou - Brady, Brantley gone: What now for D-Line Zou?
Post-Dispatch - Charles (still) in charge

So, maybe things will be okay. Maybe not, but I've always been an optimist. I want to believe.

Mizzou Tigers pennant The Earleywine snafu is finally coming to an end

Now that the football team is handling the bummer duties, softball is free to get things in order.

Columbia Tribune - No Title IX violations in Ehren Earleywine investigation

Even though it isn't set in stone, it would appear as though Earleywine will be staying at Mizzou. Why he would want to stay in this mess is beyond me. Different strokes, I suppose.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Ever say a word so much that it loses its meaning?

KC Star - Mizzou turns to Sarah Reesman as interim athletic director

Reesman, a native of Boonville, Mo., has worked in the Mizzou athletics department since 1993 and was promoted to executive associate athletic director in 2009.

"Sarah will have my full support as she steps into this new role later this week." Foley said.

Hopefully Foley's support doesn't leave for another program before the end of the week.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Something good did happen yesterday, I promise

Black & Gold Illustrated - Top 2018 Prospect Carte'Are Gordon Visits Missouri Hoops

It would mean a lot to us too, my friend.