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Tim Kaine vows to break the Border War hiatus

Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine Holds Campaign Rally In Richmond, VA Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

In response to the Kansas City Star’s pondering over whether vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine could bring an end to the Border War “stalemate” (I mean, I guess it is indeed technically a stalemate in that Missouri wants to play and Kansas doesn’t), Kaine indeed confirmed that it was part of the presidential platform. (More or less.)

I’m not sure what kind of deal needs to be brokered beyond “get Kansas to say yes,” but hey, whatever you’ve got to do to win Missouri, Senator.

Kansas cut off talks of rekindling the annual showdown as a non-conference game, but the Kansas City Star thinks there’s one man who could unite the two universities in athletic conflict once more. New Mizzou head coach Barry Odom said this summer he’d like to renew the series.

Kaine was born in Overland Park, KS and educated at Missouri before becoming governor of and then a U.S. senator for the state of Virginia. Despite living outside of the Midwest since 1979, it’s not a stretch to suggest he understands the cultures of both fanbases.

(We’ll let others dive into whether the apparent KU-rooting MU grad is looking for an easy win for Mizzou Football or for Kansas Basketball. As a relative centrist, he would probably be happy with both.)