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Jim Sterk announced as Missouri Athletic Director, starts September 1

Jim Sterk's base salaries plus guarantees will be $700,000.

Oscar Gambler

"This is a wonderful day for Mizzou and Tiger fans everywhere," Foley said. "Jim's leadership in intercollegiate athletics is unparalleled, and we are thrilled he is going to bring his talents, energy and passion for working with student-athletes to Columbia. He is just what Mizzou needs at this time."

University of Missouri Athletics - Mizzou announces Jim Sterk as new Athletic Director


NCAA Tournament Committee

Jim Sterk was just appointed to the NCAA D1 Basketball Committee, a position he was set to hold for five years starting in September. According to this from Dave Matter, Sterk will not be able to sit on the committee.

Here's Bill C. on Sterk:

San Diego State is sorry to lose Jim Sterk. That’s all Missouri can ask.

The biggest black mark on his résumé is, by far, his hire of Paul Wulff when he was at Washington State. The Cougar program had hit a skid under Bill Doba (also a Sterk hire), and he stayed local in bringing in Eastern Washington’s Wulff to clean things up. Wulff crashed and burned in a spectacular way, going 5-32 in his first three seasons. That’s a Mizzou Basketball-level crash.

Welcome to Mizzou, Jim. Please stick around.