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Zoulogy is recapping the Missouri Tigers’ 61-21 win over Eastern Michigan

Drew Lock looked stellar throwing to a trio of young receivers but the defense remains a question heading into the conference opener against Georgia next week.

Oscar, Dan Keegan and David Morrison recap Missouri's 61-21 home win over Eastern Michigan. We needed an extra guest, Martin Winkler, to cover all the points. 

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Show Notes:

0:45 - Missouri romped over Eastern Michigan and it was sexy | Quick Recap |
2:15 - Props to Mizzou for properly celebrating Truman’s 30th birthday
3:00 - Drew Lock is Juice Williams and that could be good?
7:50 - The Curious Case of Chris Black’s playing time
9:00 - Screen plays = Good when ran with correct personnel!
11:00 - Explosive plays, now do efficiency too
14:00 - Where was Marvin Zanders and why didn’t he play earlier?
15:36 - On motivational sports mottos #SwingYourWrench

17:05 - Did Damarea Crockett outplay Ish Witter?
18:51 - RIP #DLineZou
20:29 -
21:51 - Who steps up opposite of Aarion Penton?
23:40 - Missouri’s D still struggling over the middle and TOP suuucked
25:36 - #CollegeKickers
27:30 - Fans don’t appreciate Andrew Baggett - Missouri’s Bill Buckner
30:33 - Josh Augusta’s "Bone" package


34:49 - David Morrison continues to hate on the SEC - specifically the East
37:10 - What’s the best way to celebrate a Mizzou victory and why is it Waffle House and Mystery Science Theater 3000?

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