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Pregamin' Georgia


Jack Peglow


Pregamin' UGA info 2016

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1. Mizzou scored 61 points last week. Sixty. One. The University of Missouri's football team was able to cross the goal line nine times in the span of a single football game. That's bonkers. I'm fairly certain that none of us predicted how the EMU game would go down, which is why I'm asking you to up the ante. What is the most realistic, yet wild prediction you have for this game?

AlaTiger - Realism? How about some magical realism instead? (Seriously, if you haven't read One Hundred Years of Solitude, go do it now. Right now. Finish it before the game.) Josh Augusta scores a 61-yard touchdown on a wheel route out of the Bone aka Juggernaut formation.

Oscar Gamble - Missouri wins.

Chris Bohkay - I guess it all depends on what your definition of real is. Lock to Zanders back to Lock. 90-yard touchdown FOR THE WIN!

Jack Peglow - After only recording a single sack in their first two games, Mizzou's defensive line sets up camp long enough to obtain squatters rights to Georgia's backfield.

Josh Matejka - Realistic, yet wild? I'm saying Mizzou pulls a play out of EMU's book (literally) and does that double pass, except this one actually works. Drew Lock chucks it 70 yards to Johnathon Johnson. Missouri goes up a TD in the fourth quarter. Charles Harris does a scoop and score to ice it. Boom.

switzy227 - Mizzou has multiple 100-yard rushers. And Georgia has none.

dcrockett17 - A person could talk his way into a revenge 35-7 sort of outburst where the kid has a bunch of early turnovers and a punt return that go for Mizzou scores or set up easy scores. Take Nick Chubb out of the game, and then Georgia ends up unable to get out of the tailspin with Lambert. Tell me that wouldn't be so Georgia. (Of course, Mizzou would need to not turn the ball over in its own right. And, even with a big lead, who has faith this offense would be able to slow things down to burn the clock and still be efficient?) Let's say Mizzou gets some of those turnovers and a return score and go MU 24 - UGA 13.

Sam Snelling - Mizzou will score on defense, offense, and special teams, and lose by missing a field goal from 47 yards with no time left.

TheRonDavis - The idea of Josh Augusta playing offense is funny, but it's been incredibly effective. The Juggernaut finds his way into the endzone Saturday.

Ethan Triebsch - Drew Lock carves up the Georgia secondary, but Nick Chubb has a record night. Light speed offense and home-field advantage prove too much for the Dawgs as Missouri wins, barely.

Pboggs - We outscore the Dawgs by 2 touchdowns.

jaeger - Josh Augusta with the touchdown in a short yardage package. Extra points if it's a pass reception.

2. Barry Odom and Kirby Smart couldn't be more similar. Both were defensive coordinators in the SEC last year, and both have since accepted head coaching positions at their respective alma maters. You know what that means, folks: we've got ourselves a good, old-fashioned Link v. Dark Link match up. When doing battle against a mirror-image of yourself, you have to think outside the box if you want to win. What can Odom do to throw off his double and upset the Dawgs?

AlaTiger - Throw deep early and often.

Gamble - A Missouri win would probably upset the Dawgs.

Bohkay - Punt on third down, he'll be in his head immediately.

Peglow - The trick is to use parts of your arsenal outside of your go-to weapon. You have to think outside the box. Heavy usage of the Juggernaut formation would be a good start. A few series for the Zanders package would also be a good idea. In the end, though, it's going to come down to whether or not Odom blew up the big rock by the castle and obtained Din's Fire. That sucker will do Georgia in for sure.

Matejka - That above scenario would be somewhat surprising. But I think Kirby would be pretty surprised if Kendall Blanton, Sean Culkin, and Jason Reese can all break open that Tight. End. Pass. Game.

switzy227 - I bet busting out a wicked Lane Kiffin impression would cause a little chaos.

dcrockett17 - That one is easy. The Marvin Zanders deep passing package.

Snelling - Roll out a 5-4-2 defensive package that will crush the UGA offensive line and unleash the TE passing game, by which, roll Kendall Blanton out on a naked bootleg for a deep pass to Jason Reese.

TheRonDavis - Find a way to put Marvin Zanders in at an appropriate time, and let him cut loose.

Triebsch - The Dawgs' offensive line was embarrassed by Nicholls last Saturday. Odom needs to bring the heat and #DLineZou needs to take advantage of that wavering confidence with a breakout game in order to confuse Eason and stop Chubb.

Pboggs - The defense stays true with the gap system and completely shuts down Chubb, which then puts all the pressure on their QB.

jaeger - Josh Augusta at punt returner. Josh Augusta at QB, Drew Lock at TE.

3. Given the success that Josh Augusta has had, I don't see why Mizzou's offense doesn't import more of its extraordinarily talented defenders. If you were calling the shots, which defensive player would you insert into the offensive lineup and how would you utilize them?

AlaTiger - Well, beside the Augusta wheel route, I'd put Michael Scherer and Donavin Newsom wide and throw a screen to Johnathon Johnson behind their blocking.

Gamble - Donavin Newsom was a pretty good RB in HS.

Bohkay - Charles Harris as a TE running that post route inside the red zone. Also, while we're at it, put him on the basketball team because #MizzouBasketball.

Peglow - I would love to see Newsom get a few carries, but I think the most intriguing fit would be Terry Beckner Jr. running the speed option with Augusta. Try and think of a way to stop that, because I can't.

Matejka - I'm having a hard time thinking of anyone but Aarion Penton. He's quick, he's got good hands, and he reacts so instinctively. How awesome would it be to have a guy like that coming out of the backfield or even in the slot?

switzy227 - TE Michael Scherer.

dcrockett17 - Michael Scherer was a pretty good high school fullback. He could do what Josh does, but you could design a play action pass package for him.

Snelling - With all the flack the read and reacting defensive lineman have gotten, I'd imagine they'd make pretty good offensive lineman, which might kick start the run game.

TheRonDavis - I think Anthony Sherrils can be a dynamic weapon on offense, whether that's at running back or out wide.

Triebsch - Art Briles and Joe Jon Finely converted 410-pound offensive lineman LaQuan McGowan into a tight end at Baylor in 2015, why not do the same thing with Augusta? Block for a run? Check. Convert a 4th-and-short? Check. Catch a few passes? Why not?

Pboggs - I agree with Ron. Sherrils is incredibly fast and could be used in the passing game.

jaeger - Instead of a traditional tailback in the Bone package, let's throw Terry Beckner Jr. out there behind Josh Augusta. SIX HUNDRED POINTS OF BACKFIELD, PAWWWWWWWL.

Truman beats Kirby