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The Georgia loss didn't help, but Mizzou’s bowl chances might have increased.

Post season predictions, and where Mizzou will likely end up.

Week 3 is over and we saw a lot movement within the playoff contenders. FSU and Oklahoma basically waved bye bye to their playoff bid. Ohio State destroyed Oklahoma, while also making a case for being the #1 team in CFB. Also, apparently Petrino is done with chicks on motorcycles and ready to have Lamar “Action Jackson” give the program its first Heisman winner.


My predictions for the CFB playoff after week 3

  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Michigan
  4. Houston

I think many would disagree with my pick of Houston over Louisville, and even Houston over Clemson after what happened this weekend. Im not completely convinced Louisville will go through this season unscathed. I also think Clemson will have one or two losses by the end of the season. I do however believe the Hermanator will find a way to sneak into the playoff contention, only before he takes Charlie Strong’s job. Yes, I’m a conspirator and believe Strong’s days are numbered. Especially if he keeps this up:

It was a gut check for Mizzou Saturday, but lets look on the bright side

Its never enjoyable waking up on a Sunday morning in a confused state and asking yourself, “did we really lose by 1 point?” Never the less, Saturday was certainly overwhelmingly disappointing, but at the same time provided a silver lining for Mizzou’s fans.

Mizzou could find their way to a 6 or even 7 win season

I believe the Georgia game is indicative of what this team can accomplish heading into the heart of the season. Based off of Bill’s predictions, we could definitely see a 7 win season. Besides being a conspirator, I’m also a huge optimist. My head/heart, because they are one in the same, says we see a 2014 season and run the table. But since this is a “non-bias” website, here is where I believe Mizzou is trending for the post season.

55% chance: 5-7 or 6-6 record: Birmingham Bowl or Texas Bowl

36% chance: 7-5 or 8-4 record: Belk Bowl, Music City or Liberty Bowl

9% chance: 9-3 or 10-2 record: Outback Bowl or Citrus Bowl

0% chance:11-1 or 12-0 record: Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl (by losing the SEC championship) or Peach Bowl (by winning the SEC championship)

Man, I loathe Georgia fans...