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Episode 91: Georgia Broke Mizzou’s Heart, Time To Find A Rebound!

This week's topics of discussion:

  • This week, Tramel and Rodney welcome special guest Sam Snelling
  • Analyzing the heartbreaker versus Georgia:
  • Tramel has to face the Music after his incorrect pick on last week’s episode
  • What does Mizzou’s close mean in terms of recruiting?
  • Moral victories stink, but we talk about why Mizzou should hold their heads high following the loss
  • How important is this season for Kim Anderson and the Missouri Basketball program as a whole?
  • Discussing Mizzou Basketball’s latest 4-star commit, C.J. Roberts
  • NFL Recap
  • Tramel shares a twitter story

Tweet us questions that you would like us to answer, on future episodes, using the #RockMRadio hashtag!