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Mizzou's offensive line is weird again. This is great news.

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

BREAKING: Offensive linemen are still (delightfully) weird.

Three Missouri offensive linemen wanted to appear on the Memorial Stadium video board. At halftime, the board shows photos of players with their pets.

But none of the linemen had pets. [...]

There was a red and white half moon Betta fish with a tint of gray and purple accents on the top fin.

"I had never seen anything like it," Pendleton said. "It's a pretty fish."

They named it Boneyard. [...]

Boneyard only cost eight bucks, but the three linemen spent an additional $53 accessorizing. They bought two fish tanks, gravel, a mini skull and an R.I.P. sign to honor the locker room’s boneyard of "fallen brothers," as Abeln calls it.

I say there's a direct correlation between strangeness of a Mizzou offensive line and its quality, so ... this development makes me very happy.

Mizzou Tigers pennant 1 day to Delaware State

The Missourian: Missouri looks to rebound against Delaware State Mizzou Fan Primer: vs. Delaware State


The Missourian: Jason Reese and Kendall Blanton emerge as mainstays in Missouri offense Mizzou Senior Feature: Chris Black

Mizzou Tigers pennant Sterk speaks (again)

The Trib: Sterk offers more details on football facility

In a meeting with reporters Thursday after his first month on the job, Missouri Athletic Director Jim Sterk provided some more details about plans for the new football facility that will attach to the south side of the stadium.

Sterk said the structure will have a football weight room, coaches’ offices, meeting rooms, a sports-medicine center and a locker room. There will be a view from the new football facility into the stadium. There also will be more premium seats for fans.

"We’re 97 percent sold out of our eastside premium seating," Sterk said. "So I have a good friend in the apartment business, and when you’re at a 90-percent-filled rate, it’s time to build. So premium seating, I think, will be a piece of that. Not necessarily a capacity increase but maybe taking some of those top rows in the south end zone and creating a premium seating area."

Post-Dispatch: New AD Sterk moves Mizzou's agenda forward

"We’re in a good place," said Sterk, who met with a select group of reporters for an hour-long interview at Mizzou Arena. "Hopefully in the next few weeks ahead and months ahead we’ll announce more gifts that help support that."

From there, Missouri plans to raise funds for a new 100-yard indoor practice facility — estimated cost, $24 million, Sterk said — that will free up the Devine Pavilion for other Mizzou teams to use.

KC Star: Jim Sterk, new Missouri athletic director, discusses first month on the job

KC Star: New Mizzou A.D. Jim Sterk seeks to ‘calm everyone down’

Yet there is a bit of a parallel in this recounting and in how some view Sterk: as someone who doesn’t seek the limelight and will be there for you to offer full support as best he can.

To wit, the other day MU basketball coach Kim Anderson said that’s the message he’s been receiving from Sterk despite two grimace-inducing seasons in the wake of the exploding cigar left by Frank Haith.

For his part, Sterk said he knows Anderson inherited a tough situation and that he will look at "with a fresh set of eyes of what’s happening this year" and evaluate from there — with hopes that Anderson enjoys a long and prosperous tenure.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Volleyball romps on Wednesday, Soccer romps on Thursday @MizzouSoccer Notches Clean Sheet in 2-0 Win Over Kentucky

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Mizzou Tigers pennant Nice #TigerStyle slate @MizzouWrestling Announces 2016-17 Schedule

Mizzou Tigers pennant From Rock Bridge to Mizzou

The Trib: Julia Bower realizes a four-year dream with commitment to MU