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Josh Heupel explains the most questionable moment in his Missouri QB rotation

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

What say you, Drew Lock?

PowerMizzou: Hill, Heupel, Ford, Elarbee, Cross after practice (VIDEO)


Not going to lie: This made me laugh out loud.


The Trib: Odom plans to play two quarterbacks again this week

On the third series of the second quarter, Lock had driven the Tigers 46 yards to WVU’s 41-yard line when Zanders entered facing second-and-10. After a pair of Zanders runs that netted 4 yards, Missouri punted.

"I know I pulled the guy at the wrong time," Odom said. "I understand that. I know we had some momentum going, and then Marvin went in." [...]

Although Odom took the blame for Zanders entering at a time when Lock had the offense rolling, Zanders and Lock said offensive coordinator Josh Heupel is the one who tells them when to go in the game.

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Heupel stands behind QB rotation

Heupel said, "I wouldn’t have changed anything in the course of that drive. We’re in a four-down situation there in that field position. I wouldn’t change what we did."

Heupel said the offense had good plays called for Zanders' against the coverage West Virginia was showing. On second and 10, Zanders picked up three yards on a keeper. On third and seven, Heupel called a pass play but Zanders' three receivers lined up on the right side of the formation instead of the left, Zanders said after the game. Instead of throwing to his right, he ran to his left for only a yard. [...]

It's possible Odom was attempting to disarm some anticipated criticism with some humor on Monday, sensing he'd be asked about the botched series. Heupel's answer indicated the staff surely didn't come to a consensus Lock should have stayed in the game. Odom was likely taking a bullet for his coordinator.

My immediate interpretation was the same as Dave Matter's -- Odom was trying to absorb criticism. Only, Heupel's not really into that.

I actually accept Heupel's explanation, and I'm glad we got one. (I didn't figure we would.) That is four-down territory -- something I wasn't really thinking about at the time -- and if you think your Zanders playbook can get 10 yards in three plays, then there you go. I don't need to agree with what happened (or was intended to happen); I just need to understand it. I didn't, and now I guess I do.

Plus, I find myself willing to give Heupel the benefit of the doubt because I liked the rest of the game plan and thought the rest of Zanders' appearances made sense. If we start having 10 "WTF was that??" moments instead of one, then the benefit of the doubt begins to disappear.

What's faster than being fast?

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KC Star: Mizzou believes it can play even faster on offense

The No. 1 target, for better or worse

Post-Dispatch: Moore emerges as Mizzou's top target

As for the defense...

KC Star: Mizzou notes: Cornerback Aarion Penton sets high bar in senior debut

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou defense forced to correct mistakes from opener

Today in "Not At All Surprising News"...

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