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Rock M Radio - Episode 88: Passing the baton

We had a good run, folks. Now it's time for someone else to carry the show.

Jack Peglow

This week's topics of discussion:

  • This week, our intrepid hosts have some big news: they will be stepping down.

That's right, Sam and I will no longer be hosting Rock M Radio. For a while now, we've talked about moving on from a Mizzou-centric podcast to something that allowed us to broaden our scope. The timing - though a bit weird, for sure - sort of worked out that now was the best time to make the jump. In the coming days, we'll tell you all about our new endeavor: The Dive.

The Dive will be not a podcast, but a network of podcasts with some other stuff thrown in for flavor. Fans of our show needn't worry about missing out, all of it will still be posted right here on Rock M Nation! Keep an eye on our twitter accounts for more details as they emerge.

Rock M Radio won't cease to exist without us, either. We talked with Tramel Raggs, who you're all well-acquainted with, and he agreed to pick up where Sam and I left off. He'll be joined by his friend Rodney Davis who has more than enough Mizzou cred for the position. Both of them make their debut on this week's episode. Sam and I are very excited about what they bring to the table.

We've been very lucky to have such a loyal, engaging audience grow with us these past few years. Sam and I will be eternally grateful for your support. We kind of started this thing without knowing what we were doing, and you wonderful listeners allowed us to improve and develop our voices. We hope you'll continue to stick with us.

Anyway, we also talked about Mizzou!

  • Recapping the match-up against West Virginia:
    • The offense was sure fast, but we'd like it to be more efficient.
    • The defense was good, but it could also be better.
  • Previewing Eastern Michigan.
    • SPOILER: Mizzou's probably gonna win.

Tramel and Rodney will be taking over from here, so give them a follow and stay subscribed. I know I'm excited to see what they do with the show.

And, one last time: thanks for tuning in, y'all.