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Pregamin' Eastern Michigan


Jack Peglow

Eastern Michigan info

Gameday Attire:


1. Everyone keeps bringing up the fact that Eastern Michigan has a player named Lion King on the roster, but Mizzou has certainly had its fair share of fun names throughout the years. Which Tiger - current or former - lays claim to your favorite moniker?

AlaTiger - Pig Brown, mostly because of his famous "government name" line.

Oscar Gamble - Pig Brown.

TheRonDavis - I feel like you'd have to pick Pig Brown. Honestly, what name tops that? To switch it up, though, I'll go with a current Tiger: Oke Akushe. if only he was in games making plays. Imagine the PA announcer saying, "Brought down on the play by No. 9, O-ke A-kush-e." Instant fan-favorite.

Jack Peglow - Y'all seem to be going with Pig quite a bit, which is fine, but Franklin "Smash" Agbasimere is the undefeated dope name champion. Not only does he have a last name that'll tie even the silkiest of tongues, but his nickname is Smash. SMASH! It's over-powered. Please nerf.

Dan Keegan - Stryker Sulak! Honorable mentions: Ziggy Hood, Naterace Strong, Darius Outlaw.

Tramel Raggs - Ziggy Hood.

Sam Snelling - I've always ben partial to saying names like Ekwerekwu, Okwuegbunam, and Agbasimere. They're just fun to say.

switzy227 - I was always partial to Kony Ealy. Sounds like a magic spell.

Pboggs - Ziggy Hood

Chris Bohkay - L'Damian Washington. #statehoodnow, #newcolumbia, #51ststate, #DC. He crossed sport to pop culture for a show that was better British than American. HOT TAKE!

jaeger - There have definitely been some good ones. It's hard to separate Pig Brown from the phenomenon that was 2007, but I have always been partial to Stryker Sulak, who sounds like an 80s action hero.

Josh Matejka - It's not as creative as some of the other choices, but I really love the name Kentrell Brothers. maybe it was because he made the first tackle at my first game as a Mizzou student. Or maybe it's because I always hear Hulk Hogan staying it in my head.

2. When your team is heavily favored against an opponent, it can be hard to draw many concrete conclusions about their performance. What's something you'll be looking for that will let you know Mizzou is improving?

AlaTiger - The same thing I was looking for last week: efficiency.

Gamble - Multiple offensive touchdowns.

Davis - Are the Tigers capitalizing in the red zone? Is Mizzou scoring when it's backed up at its 20 with two minutes to go in the half? Will heads be up on the sideline after a bad turnover? The defense will come around, I don't think anyone is too concerned about that unit this week.

Peglow - I'd love to see the defense keep Eastern Michigan out of the endzone completely. Sure they didn't do it against a great week 1 opponent, but they still put up some hefty numbers. Stone-walling them would be nice. Offensively, I'm looking for some big, exciting plays. We've heard about how explosive Mizzou's playmakers can be all offseason; I'm ready to see that in action. Take a screen to the house, Jonathan Johnson. Return a kick, Alex Ross. Punt the ball into an unwary patron's bucket of popcorn as they head back to their blanket on the hill, Corey Fatony.

Keegan - The things that Mizzou can control regardless of opponent: Drew Lock being in sync with his receivers, Tucker McCann nailing any placekicking opportunities and booting touchbacks, and gap discipline and organization on the defense.

Raggs - Offense - finish off drives with touchdowns. Defense - clean things up a bit. Things like tackling, reducing silly penalties, and gap discipline. Special Teams - I need Tucker McCann to find his swagger and ultimately show us that this stage isn't too big for him.

Snelling - Points. I want to see a LOT of points.

switzy227 - Finishing drives. And having drives to finish.

Pboggs - Offense capitalizing in the red zone every drive.

Bohkay - Mizzou winning by at least 40. Anything less and I'll only be happy, not really happy.

jaeger - Touchdowns. Not missing field goals. Generating points in the red zone. Scoring. Et cetera.

Matejka - I'd like to see some commitment to getting the ball in Alex Ross and Chris Black's hands. give them some opportunity to pick up momentum against a weaker opponent. Tucker McCann not missing chip shots would be great.

3. Mizzou's athletic department received a hefty donation this week that will be going towards some upgrades to the football stadium. If you had your druthers, what additions/improvements would you make to Memorial Stadium?

AlaTiger - Fix the horrific font on the yard markers.

Gamble - 1,000 foot tall statue of Gary Pinkel straddling the entire stadium.

Davis - A top-notch football-only facility to the south end zone where there will be a state-of-the-art locker room and an indoor practice field. Oh wait, they're already doing that. Yeah, I want that and then some. I would want Oregon to be jealous if I had my druthers. I guess beer vendors at the stadium would be a start, though.

Peglow - If Mizzou adds any more non-luxury seating, they're doing this wrong. What the stadium needs is something that will make attending games in-person significantly more enticing than watching them from the comfort of your wonderful, less-expensive seat on the couch. What I propose is simple: add an enclosure to the south endzone that houses a live tiger. That the university doesn't have one already is a travesty. Give us a Tiger, Jim Sterk. The people demand it.

Keegan - Well, other than a giant, fire-breathing tiger statue, get rid of the tacky look to the south endzone with the cheapy bleachers and fence. Also, figure out a way to host television cameras without having to use such a weird, low angle. Get outta the shot!

And also, like, facilities and upgrades and stuff.

Raggs - If it was up to me, I would use the ten million dollar donation to pay players to come to Mizzou in hopes of winning a national championship. If it was up to me, I would use the ten million dollar donation to install a hologram tiger (like the Tupac hologram) that runs around the stadium after each score. I'd put the remaining funds toward whatever Coach Odom things we need.

Snelling - Craft beer and cocktail room in the north endzone.

switzy227 - Whatever the coach wants is good with me. Also, improved bathrooms and food, because all stadiums everywhere could use improved bathrooms and food.

Pboggs - A live tiger in a cage on the Mizzou fire truck.

Bohkay - Close the south endzone off and bring the sidelines and endzone up to the same height so the stadium doesn't look disjointed. I crave consistency. Also, make the field black with gold numbers, don't care if it's hot in the summer.

jaeger - Cheaper tickets? Actualy, I'll one-up Boggs and say a live tiger that gets turned loose in the opposing team's fan section. WHO'S PLAYING OLD MAN FOOTBALL NOW, GEORGIA?! (Pboggs' response: Touché)

Matejka - Everyone wants them to close off the south endzone, which is a fine choice. but after going to Texas v. Notre Dame last weekend, I now understand the value of having multiple taco stands in a stadium. Better concessions would be a major boost to the game day experience.

jaeger - I think I'd like to see us sell out the seats we've got a little more frequently before we add any significant number of new ones. New concessions would be nice, but let's make them more Missouri-themed. Tacos are fine, but what about multiple BBQ stands? Can we get CJ's to sell their wings in-stadium? Harold's would probably be willing to sell donuts for those 11am kickoffs. maybe a Shakespeare's by-the-slice?

Matejka - The taco stand comment was more specific to DKR. I'm all for more local cuisines. I wouldn't count on CJ's, but I think Shakes, Harold's, and maybe even 44 Canteen could open similar locations in Memorial.

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