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Missouri Tigers: All hat, no cattle

The Tigers have six more games to prove they can right this ship. BONUS EPISODE: Talking the Mizzou/kansas Charity Basketball Game!

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0:37 - Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover. Sorry Georgia
0:57 - #KeepButchJones
1:32 - Discussing the CFB landscape
4:05 - Is Georgia a playoff team?
4:55 - Mizzou vs Georgia
5:55 - Emanuel Hall
8:00 - The problem with RPOs
10:45 - Window Dressing
13:45 - Mizzou's offense is All Hat, No Cattle
14:45 - Mizzou's historically bad defense
19:40 - Alec Rants
21:05 - What players can Mizzou build around on defense?
26:49 - #RountreeReps
29:05 - What's the deal with hurdling?
32:00 - Examing the final six games of 2017
36:25 - #BusinessTrips

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We went long talking about Mizzou basketball’s upcoming charity scrimmage against kansas — why it’s a toxic rivalry and answer listener questions.

Show Notes:

0:30 — Border War Scrimmage
2:00 — Will Michael Porter Jr. springboard Mizzou to a Final Four?
8:45 — There’s only one positive in next Sunday’s game
9:50 — Wouldn’t fans rather meet kansas in the NCAA tournament?
12:00 — “Wait ‘til basketball season.”
14:00 -- What flavor ice cream is Mizzou Football?
15:00 — Would the triple option offense work at Mizzou? In the SEC?
18:20 — What’s your BBQ secret?
18:44 — What’s your Mount Rushmore of Midwst IPAs?
19:50 — What 90’s band is Mizzou Football?