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On Homecoming weekend, Mizzou won the game that counted but lost the one that mattered

Mizzou’s Homecoming weekend featured a 68-21 win over the Idaho Vandals and a 93-87 loss to kansas in the #ShowdownForRelief charity basketball game.


Oscar Gamble, Alec Blome and David Morrison discuss Missouri's 68-21 Homecoming win over the Idaho Vandals, then cover Mizzou's charity basketball game vs the kansas jayhawks.

Mizzou is back! —- to losing Big 12 conference basketball games.

1:00 - Albert are you OK?
2:21 - What can you learn from a win like this?
5:45 - #TightEndPassingGame
7:33 - Damarea Crockett's absence and Mizzou's run game
9:30 - Examining Mizzou's offensive performance
15:25 - Has Barry Odom fixed the third down issues?
19:30 - Bar Hopping and Mizzou Madness
20:33 - #ShowdownForRelief
22:45 - Jeremiah Tilmon is an underrated passer
24:00 - Who manufactures those disrespect shoulder chips?

26:52 - David's 2 big numbers from Tigers vs Jayhawks
29:00 - Mizzou lost - what lessons will they learn?
31:00 - MOral Victories?
34:00 - Michael Porter Jr. impressed with his tenacity
34:45 - Michael Jordan Jr.?
35:40 - Hey Bill, get over your Self!
37:45 - Would this game have meant as much last year?
40:20 - The FBI is still taking kansas down

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