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Missouri’s bowl chances hinge on awful SEC East

With Florida firing Jim McElwain, Barry Odom’s Tigers face favorable four game finale.

Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan and David Morrison briefly discuss Missouri basketball’s secret loss to Wisconsin, then dive into Missouri's 52-12 road win over the Connecticut Huskies before looking at the state of the SEC East starting with the Florida Gatorsnow minus Jim McElwain. Can Odom’s Tigers find three more wins in this awful SEC East?

We wrap up with discussion about Mizzou football recruiting, specifically when to start worrying — hint — it’s when the Tigers miss out on top in-state recruits like Trevor Trout and Ronnie Perkins.


0:55 — Did you hear about Wisconsin and Mizzou’s ‘secret scrimmage?
1:40 — Michael Porter Jr. can score, but can Mizzou basketball?
4:14 — What’s your rushmore of college football stadium venues?
6:00 — Crab rangoon, things of that nature
7:00 — #TightEndPassingGame
9:00 — Albert Okwuegbunam and Red zone adjustments
9:43 — #Locktober: Drew Lock has completed 91 of 137 passes for 1,452 yards and 18 TDs, with 2 interceptions, in the month of October.

10:05 — David’s Drew Lock passing predictions
12:00 — The effect of Damarea Crockett’s absence on Mizzou’s offense
13:45 — The caliber of Mizzou’s recent wins is ...not great
15:20 — Is Missouri’s defense really improving?
19:04 — Turnovers like TJ Warren’s will be key to next four games
19:39 — Jim Sterk on Barry Odom’s developing locker room
22:10 — The double standard of “locker room talk”
24:10 — Narrative weirdness around Mizzou
24:30 — College football’s coaching landscape and Odom’s team culture
25:40 — Jim McElwain’s career humped the shark

26:25 — #KeepButchJones ...until November 11th
27:17 — Mizzou’s chances to go bowling keep going up!
29:15 — Would it be better to play Purdue now?
31:00 — When is the SEC East going to be good again?
32:30 — #Grumors, Scott Frost to Florida? Lane Kiffin (back) to Tennessee?
33:00 — We are 110% committed to discussing recruiting
36:05 — (Ronnie Perkins commits to OU and Trevor Trout eliminated Mizzou)
37:00 — Letting go of your bitterness
38:05 — Can Mizzou’s APR help them go bowling at 5-7?
40:35 — David’s plea for serenity, sanity

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