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Missouri Tigers steamroll Florida Gators by running the dang ball ...with Drew Lock!

Missouri trounces Florida, here are our takeaways.

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Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan and David Morrison discuss what to take away from Missouri's 45-16 beat down of a demoralized Florida Gators team. The Tigers opened up the playbook and a can of whoop-ass on their way to third straight win.


1:06 - What to take away from beating Florida?
4:45 - Mizzou made Florida quit
6:06 - Tigers ran the damn ball ...with Drew Lock!
6:57 - Unlocking Mizzou's offensive potential
8:15 - No need for warp speed11:45 - Is this still a turnaround?
13:15 - This game is a microcosm of the season
14:55 - #Lockvember and Drew Lock's NFL hype
19:20 - Moore broken records from J'Mon
21:46 - Anthony Sherrils set the tone on defense
23:01 - Where is Terry Beckner's NFL hype?
25:20 - Florida out-passed Mizzou
27:40 - #KeepButchJones
28:10 - #RealHomecoming is Saturday vs Tennessee
30:25 - Too soon for Barry Odom extension talk?
34:00 - Briefly on recruiting
36:05 - It's weird being nervous about a basketball game again

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