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Talking Missouri Football with Bill C.: Handshakes, havoc and statistical heart

“Now is the time for optimism” says Bill Connelly discussing Missouri Football in 2017

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Talking Missouri Football with Bill Connelly

In this week’s episode of the Zoulogy podcast we have Bill Connelly, college football analyst or SBNation, editor for Rock M Nation and author of two books, Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories and this year’s The 50 Best Football Teams of All Time.

Settle in folks, we went long talking all things Missouri Football, from the 2007 Tigers to 2018 recruiting, but focused mainly on the reasons for optimism in 2017— including an experienced offensive unit, a defense with unknown potential and a schedule that could see Missouri contend in the SEC East.

Show Notes:

Bill’s Count the Ifs: What needs to happen for Mizzou Football to return to relevance
2:01—Sunshine Pumping areas that Missouri can improve
3:30—What’s the biggest game on the 2017 schedule?
4:12—David thinks Auburn’s Kamryn Pettyway is going to Tre Mason Mizzou
5:08—Bill espouses the importance of continuity for the passing game
6:50—David reads the comments, doesn’t see the case for defensive turnaround
8:40—Can the defensive line make the same leap the offensive line did last year?
10:00—On Paul Adams, Tyler Howell, offensive line grades and scheme inflation
13:00—Drew Lock NFL hype and what would it take for for him to go pro?

16:30—Bill names all the young guys who could contribute significantly this year: Johnathon Johnson, DeMarkus Acy, Tre’Vour Simms, Trystan Castillo, Jamal Brooks, Larry Rountree, Jordan Ulmer, Chris Turner.
21:15—“In all the position battles, I root for the younger guy.” - Bill C
22:25—Barry Odom’s role in turning around the defense
24:15—The importance of causing havoc

27:45—Someone pees in David’s cheerios
28:40—”Bend Don’t Break” defenses can’t give up 20 yard gains 84 times like Missouri did in 2016.
29:35—Who the heck causes havoc beside Marcell Frazier and Terry Beckner?
30:49—Half-time adjustments, 3rd down tactics and lessons learned from last year
33:40—Mizzou still has a chance at a top 25 recruiting class y’all
34:50—We talk about the question: Would you take 6-6 if it was guaranteed?
37:30—Why do fans think Missouri need to win more than 6 games?

39:40—What are the most important games on the schedule?
43:40—On 2007 Missouri: “The Colorado game was football p*rn” - Bill C.
45:46—What lessons can Barry Odom draw on from that 2007 team?
47:00—Mizzou fans LOVE HANDSHAKES
49:46—Bill’s official Mizzou season prediction, SEC winners, and playoff teams
54:30—Can stats measure heart?
1:00:30—Pardon some audio issues here when David is talking about Eric Beisel

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Here’s some handshakes, just because: