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Zoulogy: Missouri Tigers 2017 Season Preview

Can Mizzou go 9-3 in 2017?

Zoulogy: Missouri Tigers 2017 Season Preview

The Zoulogy crew is back to preview the Missouri Tigers’ 2017 season week by week.

In the opening minutes we talk Mizzou’s ceiling — is it 9-3 like some have said? Is the difference between a good and great season Drew Lock’s improvement? Can freshman like Adam Sparks, Jamal Brooks and Aubrey Miller play this year? How many defensive linemen can contribute right away?

Show Notes:

12:00 - Missouri State and hot takes
17:00 - South Carolina, rivalries and revenge
22:30 - Purdue is legally a Power 5 school yes
24:20 - Can Missouri pull the upset against Auburn?
29:00 - Kentucky is a bad matchup
32:50 - Is Georgia the best defense the Tigers face?
37:20 - Thanks goodness for Idaho
38:05 - Bob Diaco is NOT at Connecticut
40:14 - Remember when Missouri beat Florida in the Swamp?
42:07 - Putting Butch Jones on the hot seat will be fun
45:17 - Vanderbilt. Trap game?
48:40 - Eric Beisel is living rent-free in Arkansas’ head