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Barry Odom has Missouri at Cross roads after 31-13 loss to South Carolina

What to make of the firing of DeMontie Cross and how hot is Barry Odom’s seat?

Missouri Football at Cross roads after 31-13 loss to South Carolina

The second episode of the 2017 season discusses Mizzou's 31-13 loss to South Carolina with the news of the firing of defensive coordinator DeMontie Cross, Barry Odom’s hot-seat and the struggles of Josh Heupel’s offense.

Much like Missouri’s offense, this episode runs a hurry up no huddle and cedes the time of possession battle.

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Show Notes:

1:10 - Was DeMontie Cross fired or scapegoated?
3:30 - On Barry Odom’s hot seat
5:35 - Car analogies and Missouri’s offense
6:05 - Can we admit Missouri’s defense played well?
8:05 - Heupel’s Boom or Bust offense
9:15 - Damarea Crockett vs Ish Witter and “Role-stars”
11:18 - The defensive playbook vs Mizzou
12:30 - Case IH Red Zone Issues
14:15 - Drew Lock’s quick release
15:50 - Offensive playcalling tells

18:20 - On “ass-catching” and receiver drops
20:20 - Drew Lock’s performance vs Power 5 teams

23:00 - My, how quickly the Drew Lock hype train got derailed
24:30 - The defense looked good until it got worn out
26:00 - The cost of Special Teams mistakes
27:00 - On Optimistic vs Pessimistic brands of football
29:07 - Marcell Frazier breaks media silence
31:30 - Mizzou vs Purdue: There will be points