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Can Barry Odom’s Tigers rebound from 35-3 loss to Purdue?

Show Me how Missouri football rebounds under Barry Odom

The third episode of the 2017 season discusses Mizzou's 35-3 loss to the Purdue Boilermakers, focusing on the struggles of Josh Heupel’s offense, Barry Odom’s hot seat talk and where does Mizzou go from here?

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Show Notes:

1:00 — Y’all, go read Bill C’s article: “This is what giving up looks like.”
1:30 — Corey Fatony: Missouri Football’s MVP
2:00 — The Adam Sparks story was pretty cool
2:30 — Okay with all the good stuff discussed, what are our instant reactions?
4:30 — Mizzou’s offense continues to disappoint and struggle
5:30 — Will Heupel moving to the press box fix play-calling predictability?
6:25 — Damn, Crockett looked hurt
7:15 — Where have you gone #TightEndPassGame?
9:40 — #TrueSon talk and Mizzou’s place in the coaching search pecking order
Guz Malzahn at Auburn, Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M, Butch Jones at Tennessee, Ole Miss, Bret Bielema at Arkansas — all schools that would be competing for the same coaches Mizzou would.
11:20 — Show Me Mizzou’s level of commitment
12:05 — Odom’s appeal in replacing Gary Pinkel was continuity
12:50 — Player only team meetings led by freshman
13:05 — On “Being the Guy after ‘The Guy’”
13:30 — Rebound relationships
16:00 — Kevin Pendleton and leadership culture
17:00 — If enough Auburn players leave, maybe Mizzou has a chance
18:00 — Coming back from bad losses like 34-0 Georgia
19:00 — What is Missouri Football’s identity?
20:45 — Live to Punt, Punt to Win
21:40 — David admits even he was over-estimating this team
22:40 — Turning around football teams vs basketball teams
23:07 — One flaw in the Barry Odom vs Kim Anderson comparisons
24:00 — Is Mizzou a “Basketball School”?
25:00 — Ceding the high ground to basketball schools
26:30 — The SEC is a football conference that also plays basketball
28:00 — Basketball Trutherism