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Barry Odom’s “Tiger Turnaround” must #ShowMe wins

How Missouri plays these next 8 games will determine Barry Odom’s fate.

Barry Odom delivered a fiery speech after Mizzou’s 51-14 loss to Auburn

The fourth episode of the 2017 season discusses Mizzou's 51-14 loss to the Auburn Tigers. We don’t spend too much time talking about the blowout loss - instead focusing on Barry Odom’s fiery post-game press conference and hot seat talk.

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Show Notes:

1:30 — Barry Odom’s “fiery post game speech” you can hear below:

5:30 — Knee-jerk hiring and firings
8:00 — Rah-rah vs calculated speeches
10:00 — Strawmen arguments
11:30 — Rock Bridge’s 3rd string left tackle is right
13:30 — On Odom taking over after Pinkel
14:30 — Building coaching staffs and Keeping Kool
17:00 — When did Mizzou become a rebuild?
19:00 — #ShowMe wins vs branding
22:00 — Jim Sterk’s decision making
27:15 — Discussing Les Miles vs Chip Kelly