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Missouri releases depth chart for Week 2 battle with South Carolina

There were minimal changes to the depth chart as the Tigers prepare for their SEC opener.

NCAA Football: Missouri State at Missouri
DeMarkus Acy
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Missouri released its depth chart and game notes for Saturday’s game against the South Carolina Gamecocks.



  • Drew Lock (6’4, 225, Junior) Last Week: 21/34 - 521 yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT, 1 sack
  • Jack Lowary (6’4, 225, Redshirt Sophomore)
  • OR Micah Wilson (6’3, 215, Redshirt Freshman)

Against Missouri State, Lock had 70 snaps as a starter and Jack Lowary took the remaining five. Given the nature of Missouri’s team in 2017, it’s increasingly unlikely that there are many garbage time reps for a backup QB to take.

Running back

  • Damarea Crockett (5’11, 225, Sophomore) Last Week: 18 - 204 yards, 2 TDs
  • Ish Witter (5’10, 200, Senior) Last Week: 8 - 41 yards,
  • Larry Rountree (5’11, 215) Last Week: 11- 42 yards, 1 TD

Crockett was efficient and explosive, totaling 204 rushing yards on 18 carries — and it would have been slightly more if this 75-yard touchdown hadn’t been called back.

Behind him, Witter proved to be a solid reliever and great blocker on passing plays. Rountree had only fewer less snaps than Witter but got three more carries, one more yard and a touchdown. He may be on his way to a bigger role this year.

Receiving corps


  • J’Mon Moore (6’3, 205, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 4 catches /5 targets - 187 yards, 2 TDs
  • Dominic Collins (6’2, 185, Senior) Last Week: 2/2 - 30 yards, 1 TD

Moore had a stellar performance that included an average of 31 yards after the catch and two touchdowns and was an improved blocker. Collins looked solid in his backup role, picking up a late touchdown.


  • Dimetrious Mason (6’0, 185, Sophomore) Last Week: 1/4 - 12 yards,
  • Emanuel Hall (6’3, 200, Junior) Last Week: 2/4 - 38 yards

On the opposite side, Mason and Hall each logged 20+ snaps in the offensive shootout but weren’t able to do much while on the field. Lock wasn’t able to connect on some deep passes to Mason, but Hall did have at least one stellar catch, juke, and run and led the entire unit in snaps with 48, ten more than Moore.


  • Johnathon Johnson (5’10, 185, Redshirt Sophomore) Last Week: 5/6 - 116 yards, 2 TDs
  • Richaud Floyd (5’11, 190, Redshirt Sophomore) Last Week: 2/4 - 35 yards

Johnson made the most of his opportunities (and was an all-around workhorse) but Floyd technically had more reps vs Missouri State. It’s clear the coaching staff loves what both bring to the field, so I’d expect an even distribution of opportunities even if the depth chart never officially lists them as “OR” co-starters.

Tight End:

  • Jason Reese (6’5, 250, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 1 /3 - 11 yards, 1 TD
  • Kendall Blanton (6’6, 260, Reshirt Junior) Last Week: 2/2 - 41 yards
  • OR Albert Okwuegbunam (6’5, 260, Redshirt Freshman) Last Week: 2/2 - 51 yards, 1 TD

Reese made the most of only 11 snaps, scoring a touchdown on his only catch while flexed wide in the redzone. Blanton was clearly the starter, seeing the field nearly as much as the other two TEs combined. Albert Ok snagged an easy touchdown off an RPO action and had the second best YAC of all receivers with 17.5.

Offensive line

Left Tackle:

  • Tyler Howell (6’8, 330, Senior)
  • Yasir Durant (6’7, 340, Sophomore)

Left Guard:

  • Kevin Pendleton (6’4, 330, Reshirt Junior)
  • Adam Ploudre (6’4, 315, Redshirt Senior)


  • Trystan Castillo (6’4, 315, Redshirt Freshman)
  • Jonah Dubinski (6’2, 295, Redshirt Sophomore)

Right Guard:

  • Tre’Vour Simms (6’5, 340, Sophomore)
  • AJ Harris (6’4, 310, Redshirt Sophomore)

Right Tackle:

  • Paul Adams (6’6, 315, Redshirt Junior)
  • Samson Bailey (6’4, 295, Redshirt Junior)

A strong showing against admittedly lower-level competition. Castillo and Simms anchored the interior admirably. We got to see a couple of backups rotate in, mostly on the left side of the line.


Defensive line

Rush End:

  • Marcell Frazier (6’5, 265, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 3 tackles, 0.5 sacks
  • Chris Turner (6’4, 250, Freshman) Last Week: 0 stats

Defensive End:

  • Jordan Harold (6’2, 255, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 2 tackles, 1 TFL
  • Nate Anderson (6’0, 265, Junior) Last Week: 1 tackle, 1 sack

Nothing flashy, but solid performances from three out of the four DEs who will be asked to carry the load for #DLineZou. Redshirt Freshman Tre Williams did see the field for a handful of snaps against Missouri State, and the coaching staff still hopes to get Akial Byers healthy enough to practice.

Nose Tackle:

  • Markell Utsey (6’4, 305, Sophomore) Last Week: 0 stats
  • Walter Palmore (6’4, 320, Junior) Last Week: 6 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 FR
  • Kobie Whiteside (6’1, 300, Freshman) Last Week: 1 tackle

Defensive Tackle:

  • Terry Beckner Jr. (6’4, 305, Junior) Last Week: 1 tackle, 0.5 sacks
  • Rashad Brandon (6’3, 300, Junior) Last Week: 5 tackles, 1 sack, 2.5 TFLs

Missouri’s best defensive unit last weekend was led by Rashad Brandon and Terry Beckner Jr., who were both disruptive against the run and the pass. Utsey, Whiteside and Palmore were solid in run support, and the group will likely continue to balance the rotations — though it wouldn’t surprise me to see Brandon and Beckner paired up for obvious passing downs in the future. #Havoc.

Redshirt senior A.J Logan will be suspended for six games due to the academic fraud case linked to former tutor Yolanda Kumar.


Weakside Linebacker:

  • Terez Hall (6’2, 230, Junior) Last Week: 6 tackles, 1 QBH
  • OR Joey Burkett (6’2, 230, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 3 tackles,

Middle Linebacker:

  • Cale Garrett (6’3, 235, Sophomore) Last Week: 6 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 FR
  • OR Eric Beisel (6’3, 245, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 0 stats

A lot of misreads and biting on misdirection from this group. Perhaps one of the reasons for all the “OR” designations within the linebacking depth chart last week was the continued uncertainty as to who can and will step up to take hold of the job.

Sam/Nickel defender:

  • Kaleb Prewett (6’1, 210, Junior) Last Week: 5 tackles, 1 TFL
  • OR Brandon Lee (6’2, 225, Redshirt Junior) Last Week: 2 tackles, 1 QBH

Maybe the only position in the back seven that’s secure is Kaleb Prewett who looked ready to handle the duties of the hybrid safety/linebacker position.



  • DeMarkus Acy (6’2, 185, Sophomore) Last Week: 5 tackles, 2 TFLs
  • Finis Stribling (5’11, 195, Redshirt Junior) Last Week: 0 stats


  • Logan Cheadle (5’10, 185, Senior) Last Week: 2 tackles, 1 INT
  • Adam Sparks (6’0, 175, Freshman) Last Week: 1 tackle
  • OR Anthony Hines (6’1, 200, Senior) Last Week: 1 tackle

Turns out the concerns about the secondary were warranted, although whether that’s a scheme or talent issue is still to be debated. One thing is certain: the tackling was abysmal, and nothing else can be “fixed” until that’s addressed.


  • Anthony Sherrils (6’0, 190, Redshirt Senior) Last Week: 2 tackles
  • Ronnell Perkins (6’0, 200, Redshirt Sophomore) Last Week: did not play (hamstring)


  • Jordan Ulmer (6’2, 195, Freshman) Last Week: 6 tackles, 1 PBU
  • Tyree Gillespie (6’0, 215, Freshman)
  • Cam Hilton (6’0, 185, Junior) Last Week: SUSPENDED FOR FIRST HALF

The Tigers will be missing Cam Hilton at safety for the first half of South Carolina due to a (perfectly legit) targeting penalty.

Special Teams


  • Tucker McCann (6’0, 205, Sophomore)

Last Week: 9/10 XP, 1/1 FG - 35 yards, 12 KO - 63.5 avg, 9 touchbacks, 2 out of bounds

McCann missed an extra point and followed that with a kickoff that went out of bounds. He recovered well, so the hope is all the repetition knocked out any jitters.


  • Corey Fatony (5’11, 205, Junior)

Last Week: 2 punts - 100 yards, 1 touchback

Still the toughest looking punter I’ve ever seen.

Kick Returner:

  • Johnathon Johnson
  • OR Richaud Floyd
  • OR Dimetrious Mason Last Week: 4 KR - 157 yards

Punt Returner:

  • Johnathon Johnson Last Week: 1 PR - 10 yards
  • OR Richaud Floyd
  • OR Dimetrious Mason

Saw too much of one and not enough of the other. Kickoff and punt teams aren’t specifically listed on the depth charts, but they seemed to hold their own against Missouri State — how they fare against South Carolina and Deebo Samuel is still a question.